◆ About payment method

Payment method type

▼ Bank ATM net banking payment

Bank ATM net banking payment

▼ Credit cards are handled by the following cards.
(VISA / MASTER / JCB / AMEX / Diners)

Card type

▼ Convenience store (number terminal type)
Convenience store settlement feeSeparate 330 yentakes.
Seven-Eleven is not available.

Payment convenience store

▼ In the case of COD, there is a feeSeparate 330 yentakes.
A delivery trader becomes "Yu-pack" or "Kuroneko Yamato".

Yupack and Yamato Transport

▼ You can use Amazon Pay and Rakuten Pay for electronic money.

Amazon PayRakuten Pay

◆ About delivery

▼ Products will be delivered in "Yu-Pack" or "Kuroneko Yamato".

Estimated delivery by region

* Delivery may be delayed depending on the region, such as remote islands and mountainous areas.

▼ We accept time zones.

About delivery time

Orders up to 13 on our business day will be shipped immediately.
In addition, for ordered products and specific products, we will ship immediately after the arrival of the products. (The delivery date is written in the product information)

▼ Click here for frequently asked questions about delivery and delivery

Click here for frequently asked questions regarding delivery and delivery

◆ About Shipping

Shipping costs vary depending on the destination area. Free shipping on all products when purchased with [Free shipping].
* Free shipping on all namesakes with newspapers.


▼ Packaging at the time of delivery
Please note that the packaging box at the time of delivery may be delivered in a different box from the product for recycling in our shop.

◆ About gift wrapping

Packaging free

About gifts

▼ Click here for details on packaging

Click here for details on packaging

◆ Receipt / Invoice

If you want to send a gift directly to the other party, we will not specify the name of our shop, let alone the price of the delivery note.
If you wish to receive a receipt, etc., we will send it by e-mail.

◆ Handling of personal information

Important personal information (address, name, phone number, e-mail address, etc.) received from customers will never be passed on to third parties other than delivery work or misused. Please use it with confidence.