On the same day shipping correspondence with name insert series with anniversary newspaper

Anniversary newspaper may not be attached

It takes 1 days on weekdays to order newspapers. Therefore, the anniversary newspaper will not be in time if it is shipped on the same day. We have some stocks available in our store, but please note that if the date of the anniversary newspaper you specified is not reserved as stock in our store, it will be shipped without a newspaper attached. .

Delivery may not be possible at the time of delivery

If it is shipped on the same day, depending on the delivery area, it may not be able to supplement the requested delivery time zone. For areas that can be shipped the same day, please contact us.

Unable to accept label verification service

If you ship the same day, we will not be able to accept the label confirmation service because there is no time to check the label for the convenience of shipping the product.

If you wish to ship the same day, your order may not be changed

In the case of same-day shipping, changes in content after order completion may not be in time. Please make sure that there are no mistakes when you purchase.

Payment method is only for "COD" or "Credit card payment"

Payment by bank transfer or convenience store settlement (terminal type) is also supported, but since it will be shipped after payment is confirmed, shipping may not be possible on the same day. For this reason, we recommend "COD" or "Credit card payment".


As mentioned above, only customers who agree to the above five items will be shipped on the same day.
In addition, please be assured that products and wrapping will not be different from normal ordered products even if shipped on the same day.

For inquiries other than the above information, please contact us by phone. It takes time if it is exchanged by e-mail, and it may not be possible to ship the same day.

For customers who want next-day delivery to Hokkaido and Kyushu

If you want to deliver your product to Hokkaido or Kyushu on the day after your order date, you must use airmail. (Additional 1,000 yen, cash on delivery is not available, delivery time cannot be specified)

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