The market price for the bouquets given to parents at the wedding is 5,000 yen! Commentary on images and gifts by market


Many people plan to give their parents a bouquet at the wedding, but more and more are wondering how much flowers to buy.The price of a bouquet given to parents at a wedding is usually 5,000 yenis. Generally, it is said to be 3,000 yen to 1 yen, but if you want to make a well-balanced bouquet, you want to pay 5,000 yen.

This time, we will explain the market price of the bouquets to be given to parents at the wedding. We will also introduce images by market price and gifts such as “named sake”, “travel tickets” and “triple clock” that we want to give together.


1. What is the market price for the bouquets given to parents at the wedding?


The best price for a bouquet to give to parents at a wedding is 5,000 yen. When giving a bouquet, you can either buy it at a florist and bring it in or buy a bouquet prepared at the ceremony hall.

If you buy it at a florist and bring it in, you can make a bouquet that fits within your budget if you tell the amount. Even if the purchase price of flowers fluctuates, it will be adjusted within the budget, so there will be no effect. However, in some ceremony halls, there are cases where money is taken to bring flowers.Let's know in advance whether you will be charged a carry-in fee by contacting the ceremony hall.

Subsequently, when purchasing a bouquet prepared at the ceremony hall,There are many cases that do not fit within 5,000 yenis. Because the types of flowers are limited and arrangement fees are incurred, the price is higher than the market price. If you want to make it cheaper, you can buy it at a florist and bring it in.

Basically, the gift of the bouquet is given to your mother and the other mother. Therefore, the budget for the bouquets given to parents at the wedding is2 times the market priceRemember that. And I give boutonniere to both fathers. Boutonniere means putting a flower in your breast pocket. For boutonniere, just pick one to give the same flower as the bouquet.


2. Explaining the image of bouquets given to parents at the wedding by market price


-3,000 yen
-5,000 yen
-8,000 yen
-1 million yen

Here, we introduce the image of bouquets from 3,000 yen to 1 million yen, which is the market price for general bouquets. Even if you know the market price in this article, you are worried about what kind of bouquet you can actually make. First of all, let's know the image according to the market price.

・ Consider volume as much as possible if the budget is "3,000 yen"

If your budget is 3,000 yen, it may be difficult to put your parents' favorite flowers. Depending on the type of flower, popular and seasonal flowers may have higher purchase prices.Forcing a high flower into the bouquet will reduce the overall volume.

Considering the bouquet given to parents at the wedding,Avoid volume down as much as possible. When ordering, let them know that you want as much bouquet as possible.

・ If your budget is "5,000 yen", you can give a balanced bouquet.

If your budget is 5,000 yen, you can make a well-balanced bouquet. The budget recommended in this article is 5,000 yen. In this price range, you can put your favorite flowers to some extent, so you can present your parents' favorite flowers. However, it is difficult to make only expensive flowers such as roses.

・ If your budget is "8,000 yen", you can put your favorite flowers

If your budget is 8,000 yen, you can make a bouquet around your parents' favorite flowers. It is easy to give only your favorite flowers because they have a certain volume. If your parents have flowers or memories you like, a budget of around 8,000 yen is recommended.

Also, if you don't care about the type of flower, you can make a beautiful bouquet. However, please be careful when giving to both families as it will be a certain amount of budget.

・ If the budget is "1 10,000 yen", you can give a great bouquet

If your budget is 1 10,000 yen, you can give your flowers a bouquet and give them a beautiful bouquet. Recommended for those who want to give a big present only with specific flowers such as roses and gerberas.

・ Extra edition: Do you give preserved flowers?

When thinking of giving flowers to parents at a wedding, many people would like to give preserved flowers instead of fresh flowers.There are no restrictions on the flowers you can give to your parents during a wedding, so you can give them preserved flowers.

Preserved flowers are popular gifts because they can be enjoyed for a long time unlike fresh flowers. The fresh flowers are processed in a special way, allowing you to enjoy vivid colors for a long time, so you can enjoy them as interior decoration. The price is about 3,000 to 1 yen, just like flowers. Often slightly more expensive than fresh flowers. Of course, price fluctuates according to size and design.

In the case of preserved flowers, there are more arrangements such as flower boxes and flower clocks than bouquets. It's easy to carry, so you'll be glad if you attend from a distance.

3. Introducing gifts that you want to give along with the bouquet you give to your parents at the wedding


Finally, if you can afford to buy a bouquet for your parents at a wedding, give them a gift together. It is often pleased to give a present along with a bouquet.

This time, we will introduce gifts for “named sake”, “travel ticket” and “triple clock”. Please choose according to your parents' preference.

・ Named sake

Named sake is sake that can be "named" on the label.In general, you can give only one sake to the world by putting your name and message in the part where the brand is written.

Name sake is a gift that has recently attracted attention in various celebrations. It is a special bottle made only for myself, and one of the reasons why many people choose it is that the satisfaction of the recipient is high.

This site offers name-added sake that can be presented to parents at weddings. The lineup includes 3 types of red wine, white wine and sake. Wine is sold from 9,800 yen, and sake is sold from 1 million 7,800 yen.

Among the rankings on this site, the most popularSet of red wine and white wineis. Usually, with name sake, characters are printed on the label, but in this set, the characters are stamped directly on the glass bottle. Therefore, unlike the label sticker, it has a high quality finish.

The label design can be selected from 6 types when ordering wine, and the title, name, date and message can be selected. In addition to wine, there are newspapers of the specified date."Anniversary Newspaper"Comes with as You can get a newspaper on the day the bride or groom was born or the wedding anniversary of your parents.

Anniversary newspapers are very popular due to their rarity. Weddings are also an opportunity for everyone to look back and appreciate their past lives. It's also good to look back on your life while being excited by memories, such as "I was like that at that time."

Such a set of red wine and white wine is sold for 2 million 7,000 yen. If your parents love wine, give thanks for drinking at the wedding.

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・ Travel ticket


Travel gifts are popular among gifts given to parents at weddings. Give your parents time to give them time that you can spend alone. There are a wide variety of travel tickets, such as gift certificates that have a fixed amount of money and items that are selected from catalog gifts.

In addition, I will give you a letter on the day and pick it together laterIt may be good. In this case, write in the letter that you will take it on a trip.

When giving a travel ticket, you should pay attention to the budget. Basically, the amount varies greatly depending on the grade of the inn or hotel.If you are in a luxury inn or hotel, be prepared for several hundred thousand yen. If you stay at a general accommodation, you can give it for tens of thousands of yen.

Often, it's a bit of a surprise to give a surprise gift for a trip. Certainly, some people think that a present is fun because they don't know the contents.

But be careful with travel gifts. This is because there is a high possibility that it will be impossible if you do not follow the intentions and wishes of the person, such as destinations, accommodation, transportation, schedule, etc.

Travel gifts are great and we recommend them, but it's best to discuss them with your parents before deciding.

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・ Triple clock


Triple clocks are a classic item for parents to present at their wedding.It is made of one board, and the connection of the grain is each houseRepresents tribal bonds.

A triple watch with the message "You can stay connected even if you live away" is a perfect gift for a new family wedding.

As the name implies, the triple clock is divided into three parts, so that the groom's parents, the bride's parents, and the bride and groom receive it. Please present a triple watch that will deepen your bond at the opportunity to spend the same time from now on.

There are a wide range of items, including orthodox and simple ones, as well as cute characters. Choose it to your liking. It's a good idea to consider each other's home atmosphere and parents' preferences.

The price of the triple watch is from around 2 million.It becomes higher when options such as message stamps are added.Therefore, check the amount before purchase.



A woman with a bouquet

The market price of the bouquets given to parents at the wedding was introduced as 5,000 yen. We introduced the image of the bouquet for each market price from 3,000 to 1 10,000 yen.

Also, if you have an extra budget for bouquets or feel that it is not enough, let's present a gift together. The “named sake”, “travel ticket” and “triple clock” introduced this time are especially recommended gifts.

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