Give flowers to your wedding anniversary parents! How to choose to be pleased and explanation of flower language


A gift of “flowers” ​​is recommended for parents who have celebrated their wedding anniversary.

Flowers, a classic gift, are also suitable for wedding anniversaries. However, choosing flowers for gifts is difficult. “What kind of flowers did you like?” “What kind of flowers would you like to present?”

So, this time, I will explain how to choose flowers and the language of flowers that will be appreciated by parents on their wedding anniversary. If you choose “flower words”, “favorite flowers”, or “feelings”, you can quickly find suitable flowers. In addition, for those who haven't decided on the flowers to give, here are some floral words that will please their parents.

If you read this article, you will soon get flowers for parents who are celebrating their wedding anniversary. If you're worried right now, let's quickly read and decide which flowers to give!


1. What kind of flowers would you please for your wedding anniversary parents?


Flowers, the standard gift, are easy to give to anyone, but it's hard to understand how to choose. There are many types of flowers, so it is difficult to determine which is suitable for a wedding anniversary.

If you want to give parents the right flowers, you need to know how to choose and the language of flowers. With this knowledge, you don't have to worry about choosing flowers. If you are worried about what kind of flowers you will be pleased with, please refer to this article.

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2. How to choose flowers that will please your parents on your wedding anniversary?


"Flower language"
"Favorite flowers"

There are three ways to select flowers to introduce this time. Among them, the most recommended one isChoose by flower languageHow. I think there is a message I want to convey about my parents' wedding anniversary.

However, it is a bit embarrassing to give a message in person. Therefore, please send flowers with a feeling of flower language. This way, you can give a bouquet without embarrassment even in front of the person.

・ Choose by the "Hana Language" you want to convey on your wedding anniversary

Each flower has its own language.Depending on the color and type, flower language is prepared, and the same flower has a different meaning.

The flower language itself has come to be used in Western society in the 19 century. In Japan, the habit of enjoying flower language has been born around the early Meiji era. At that time, flower language itself was imported, but now Japanese flower language has increased.

If you give it on your wedding anniversary,We recommend “flowers with meanings that you want to congratulate” as much as The floral language seems to have a positive meaning, but depending on the color and type, it has a negative meaning.Some flowers have meanings that are not suitable for wedding anniversaries, so check the meaning of the words before giving them..

In this article, for the flowers that will be introduced later, only the flower words that have no problem are summarized. If you want to give a selection of flowers, please refer to here.

・ Choose by your favorite flowers from your parents who celebrated their wedding anniversary

Next, I would like to introduce one of the simple ways to chooseChoose by "Favorite Flowers"Way. If your parents already have a favorite flower, give preference to that flower instead of the language.

If you have memorable flowers, birth flowers, or flowers that you buy every season, you may want to give them a similar flower on your wedding anniversary.

However, it should be noted that some of your favorite flowers may be expensive depending on the stocking situation at that time.

・ Choose according to the feeling you want to enjoy on your wedding anniversary

The last is a method of selecting by "feelings". Choose the flowers you want to enjoy, such as giving flowers of your own sense, giving a great bouquet, or giving a flower arrangement instead of a fresh flower.There are no rules when choosing with your feelings, so please send your favorite flowers.

・ Select by birth flower

A birth flower is a flower that is associated with the date or month of birthIt is Based on the wedding anniversary, which is the anniversary of the birth of a new family, you may choose the month or the birth flower of the day.

Birth flowers are not only different every month from January to December, but are also determined every day.In other words, you can choose flowers that are associated with the birth month, or you can choose flowers that apply exactly to your wedding anniversary.

Here, let's look at the monthly birth flowers.

January ・ Sweet Pea, Narcissus, Cymbidium

February ・ Tulip, Margaret, Primrose

March · Freesia, Gerbera (pink), of course

April ・ Alstroemeria, hazy grass, ranunculus

May ... rose (pink), lily of the valley, carnation

June: Yuri, Hydrangea, Gladiolus

July sunflower, dew grass, poppy

August: Turkey, Anthurium

September Denfare, cosmos, gentian

October: rose (orange), gerbera (orange), chrysanthemum

November Gerbera, camellia

December: roses (red), cyclamen, cattleya


3. Introducing flower language that will please parents on their wedding anniversary

Woman with flowers

Finally, we will introduce flowers with wonderful flower language that will be pleased by parents who have celebrated their wedding anniversary.

・ Eustoma: Refreshing beauty


Eustoma flowers"Beautiful beauty".

In addition, it has floral words such as “grace” and “hope”. The flowers are also abundant in color and add color to the bouquet, such as purple, pink, white, red, yellow and green.

Eustoma is also used as a bridal flower in bouquets. Depending on the variety, there are various ways of blooming, and in the fringe blooming, the tip of the petal looks like a frill. The elegant image is strong, and it can be said that it is suitable for a bouquet to be given on the wedding anniversary.

・ Rose: I love you


Rose flower words"I love you".

In addition, it has floral words such as “love” and “beauty”. In addition, the language of flowers changes depending on the color of the rose. For example, the flower word “I love you” is a red rose. White roses are "pure", blue roses are "dreams come true", pink roses are "sophisticated" and so on.

Roses are often given as gifts during proposals and 60th birthday celebrations.Because it has passionate flower language, it can be said that it is a suitable flower for the anniversary.. Also, since it is a flower that can be easily obtained all year round, consider adding roses if you are at a loss when choosing a flower.

・ Kikyo: Eternal love


Kyoko's flower language"Everlasting love".

In addition, depending on the color, there is a flower word such as “Elegant” for purple kikyo and “Neat” for white kikyo. By the way, “eternal love” is a flower word that refers to the whole of Kyoko.

Kikyo is one of the flowers loved for a long time in Japan. Currently, it is recognized as an endangered species due to the decline in the number of individuals, but there are many types of horticultural variety.Let's create a refined atmosphere by putting purple and white kyokyo in the bouquet..

・ Dahlia: thanks


Dahlia flower language"Thank you".

The dahlia flower word means “splendid”, red dahlia means “brilliant”, and yellow dahlia means “grace”. By the way, “thank you” is a white dahlia flower word.

Basically, Dahlia has a lot of flower words with a positive meaning, but some flower words have a negative meaning.

Dahlia is said to be a flower loved by Napoleon's wife, Josephine. At that time, Josephine loved Dahlia so much that she did not give it to anyone else.

Meanwhile, a shrine maiden who really wanted Dahlia asked his mistress to work for theft. Because of this history, Dahlia has been given floral words such as “change” and “betrayal”.

However, you don't have to worry about these flowers if you give them during a celebration. Just remember it as one of the dahlia flower words.

・ Dendrobium: Two of you


Dendrobium flowers"Two people who look good".

In addition, there are floral words such as “selfish beauty”, “temptation”, “capable”. The origin of the flower language is the beauty of Dendrobium. Although it is an elegant flower, it is said that it is unsuitable for gifts because it is a slightly negative word.

However, there are also some positive words such as “Two people who look good” in flower language, so there is no problem even if it is given on the wedding anniversary.

Dendrobium is divided into 2 systems called “Nobil” and “Denfare”. Dendrobium generally used for horticulture is Nobil,It is a Denfare system that has the flower word “Two of you”.

Denfale is called “Dendrobium phalaenopsis” because it has a similar flower shape to Phalaenopsis orchid. By the way, Phalaenopsis means Phalaenopsis.

There are many colors that are suitable for wedding anniversaries, such as red, pink, and white.

Dracaena: Happiness


Dracaena's flower language"happiness".

Dracaena itself is popular as a popular foliage plant, but it is also suitable for wedding anniversaries because it also shines as a bouquet. However, Dracaena has about 50 varieties, and the size varies depending on the type.

for that reason,Check the size of Dracaena when ordering from florists and online stores. There is no problem because Dracaena handled with a bouquet is a small size. If you give it as a foliage plant, please be careful about the feeling of size including the flower pot.

・ Geranium: Respect

ゼ ラ ニ ウ ム

The flower word for the whole geranium is"respect".

Other than that, red geraniums have positive flower words like “you are happy”, pink geraniums are “decision”, while white geraniums “do not believe in your love”, crimson geraniums are “depressed” "Means.

If you give a geranium,Let's give a flower with a positive meaning such as red or pink. White and crimson geraniums are not suitable for wedding anniversary gifts.

4. Gifts you want to add to the bouquet

If you want to be with other presents, not just bouquets, you'll be curious about what is often chosen. Basically, if your parents are happy, there is no problem.

A bouquet is a present that makes the place gorgeous. A bouquet can be the star of a present, or it can accompany another present. Either way, I'm glad you get it.

It is often chosen as a wedding anniversary present with a bouquet,

-Dinner party

・ Gourmet ticket


・ Things related to hobbies, practical

And so on.

Meals and gourmet ticket presents that provide the opportunity to eat delicious food are standard. If the whole family gathers and spends a good time, it is a good idea to prepare a hors d'oeuvres at home and hold a dinner party.

A gourmet ticket that allows you to enjoy a special meal in an unusual atmosphere is recommended as a starting point for parents to go out on a date.

In addition, if there is a hobby common to the couple, it is ant to give something related to it. In addition, things that can be used by two people, such as a pair of mugs, are also appreciated.

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5. Give your parents a wedding anniversary with the words they want to convey!


We explained how to choose flowers and the language of flowers to make parents happy on their wedding anniversary.

Flowers are easy to choose by focusing on 3 of “flower language”, “favorite flowers” ​​and “feelings”. In particular, it is recommended to choose the flower language. Choose a flower that suits your needs. Also, if you are unsure about choosing a flower, please refer to the last introduced flower and flower language.

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