Modern Japanese wedding types! Introducing ceremony styles from church ceremony to public ceremony!


Some couples who are going to give a wedding now may be wondering what wedding style to give.

It is best to list the wedding you want, taking into account the wedding style, budget, and location. What kind of wedding ceremony is there?

Therefore, in this article, we will introduce the types of modern Japanese weddings, including their characteristics, merits and demerits.

About wedding types and styles


If you decide to marry an important person and decide to get married, you will decide whether or not to have a wedding.

I think there are many couples who give weddings, but there are many types of weddings and some people don't know what to choose.

For example,From wedding styles such as Christian ceremony and public ceremony, weddings abroadThere are such things.

So when you give a formula,Choose by considering each feature, merit, demeritI recommend it.

There are also various wedding styles, which can be classified according to the ceremony hall, the hotel side, or the producer company.

At present, the wedding forms are divided into various forms such as religious or non-religious, and whether the venue is outdoor or indoor.

As a specific way of dividing, the religion can be divided into “Church”, “Christian”, “God”, “Buddha”, and “Non-religious” “people”.

First of all, let's decide what type of wedding you want to have and decide on the ceremony.

Modern Japanese wedding types

Hold hands

Introducing what types of weddings are held in modern Japan.

If you are planning to have a wedding, let's first know the advantages, disadvantages and features of each.

Church ceremony

The church ceremony is a ceremony held mainly in the Christian church mainly for believers, and is basically only for first marriage.

It is a type of ceremonies where church ministers or priests perform ceremonies.

If a non-believers couple wishes to have a ceremony in the church, they go to the church several times or months in advance, participate in worship, and attend study sessions.Allowed based on conditionsThere is also a case.

Because it is for Christian believers,Wear a wedding dress without skin exposureIt is fundamental to require strictness.

In addition, Even people passing by can participateIf you are a believer, there may be people who are not acquainted with you.

The big advantage of this type isA memorable ceremony in a traditional and solemn atmosphereIt is that.

Christian ceremony


The Christian ceremony is a type held in a chapel set up in a hotel or ceremony hall.

More common than church ceremonies, many weddings are held this way in Japan.

The pastor is usually not resident, and when the ceremony is held, the pastor is held by a pastor with whom the hotel or ceremony hall has contracted, or the pastor may be held by asking an acquaintance pastor.

Many of the types performed in a Christian wedding dress are in this format,It is easy for friends other than relatives to attendIt is a feature.

Depending on the type of hotel or ceremony hall, you can also perform atrium weddings and garden weddings.

The benefits areReligious colors are weak and anyone can participate easilyIt can be mentioned.

In addition, there is a ceremonial hall where you have a contract with a foreign pastor, and you can also enjoy directing songs by a choir.

Chapels set up on the same premises as the banquet hall move smoothly and do not burden guests.

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Divine ceremony

The gods ceremony is a god-style ceremony at a hotel or ceremony hall.

It can also be performed at a shrine, where the priesthood of the shrine is held by the affiliated priestess at a hotel or ceremony hall.

Binds looser than ChristianIf you wish, you can also have a wedding ceremony.

However,Capacity is small and only relatives are allowed to attendThat is the general style.

The advantage of this formula isYou can wear solid white, color stakes, and waist sleeves like Japaneseabout it. Since there are few opportunities to wear such costumes, it is popular among women who want to wear a Japanese-style bridal gown.

There is also the ease that only relatives are in attendance, and the popularity is increasing.

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French style

French wedding ceremony

The Buddha ceremony is mainly a religious ceremony held at either the Bodanji Temple of either house or at home.

If the bride and groom's parents have different religions, it is okay to match one or the other.

There are places where you can go to hotels and weddings, but it is said that there are few.

In the ceremony where the bride and groom swear the connection to the next life in front of the Buddha,Thank the Buddha for reporting the wedding to their ancestorsIt is an expression of the form.

The benefits of this type areYou can feel the connection between the houseIt is in that point.

There are no particular rules regarding costumes, and you may be surprised, but you can also dress in Western style.

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Public expression

A public ceremony is a type of ceremony where marriage is allowed under the presence of a witness, rather than an oath or report of marriage to a religious object.

This is a great way for anyone who wants to celebrate, surrounded by close friends and friends.

Regardless of religion, all wedding styles are publicBecause of that, there are many different types.

High degree of freedomIt has the feature that you can perform expressions that suit you, such as going abroad or on board.

Because the merit is not religious,Easy to join even people who have resistance to religionIs mentioned.

It is ideal for making memories because it has a high degree of freedom, such as being able to perform discerning productions.

Weddings can also be classified by venue type


The main weddings have been introduced, but can also be classified according to the type and location of the venue.

The venues include hotels, restaurants, guest houses, homes, cruises, and specialized ceremonies, and the benefits vary depending on the location.

For example, a house wedding, where a guest house or the like is rented out, allows guests to be treated as if they were at home, and ceremonies can be held in a homey atmosphere.

It also features many photogenic shooting spots, such as beautiful gardens and balconies. Because there are many unique venues, it is often chosen by those who are particular.

A well-known professional ceremony hall is equipped with various facilities and is characterized by a rich variety. Experienced experience, such as familiar staff and adequate equipment, often leads to a sense of security.

Weddings at the hotel are often characterized by convenient access and accommodations. Hotel-like facilities are also attractive.

In this way, there are various wedding styles, whether it is a wedding or a bite.

Give a convincing wedding ceremony depending on how the bride and groom want to have a wedding and how to treat their guests.