We gathered recommended surprises for the wedding!

Bride and groom

At a wedding, it's very impressive to have surprises that you don't know about each other.

However, there are many people who want to surprise but don't know what to do.

You may also be worried that just getting ready for the wedding is not enough and you can't do much.

Therefore, this time, we will introduce some surprises that are recommended for weddings.

We introduce cases from the groom to the bride and from the bride to the groom, so please take a look.

Production that children can play an active part

Running children

When the children appear at the wedding, the whole venue will be excited! Be sure to show everyone who attends the cute appearance like an angel!

Their cute nieces and nephews are sure to make you smile.

This time, we will introduce a surprise featuring such a child.

1, Flower Girl


This is a common production for Western Christian weddings.Flower girls are usually performed by girls between the ages of 5 and 10, but smaller children may be fine.

The purpose of this production is to cleanse the place by putting flowers on the virgin road where the bride and the bride's father walk.

You will be fascinated by the guests who participated in the cuteness of the children who work hard.

2, Ringboy

Ring boy

Girl is a flower girl, boy is a ring boyI often do. ThatThe role of the ring boy is to carry the bride and groom's precious wedding ringsIt is that.

The scene where a flower girl cleans the virgin road with flowers, and then a cute boy delivers a ring will make you smile unintentionally.

3, Veil Boy, Veil Girl

Veil girl

this is,A little boy or girl walks with the veil hem of the bride's prom dressIt is a production called.

A boy is a veil boy and a girl is a veil girl. Small children have their skirts working hard, so those who are watching will want to cheer for you.

4, surprise movie

I often see movies at receptions. If you make a video of your upbringing, you will have a small boy and girl (niece or nephew) appear on your behalf.

If other families also participate, guests will feel the cuteness of the children and the bonds of the family, and the venue will be exciting.

Introducing surprises that will please you at the wedding-why don't you become a gimmick? ~


Surprise for the bride


The scene where the bride leaves the ceremony hall once for a change of color is called Nakaza. In addition, when leaving, it is common for the person selected by the bride to escort to leave together.

So, at that timing, I think it will be decided who will be selected depending on who wants to surprise. This time, I will introduce what kind of people are selected.

1, best friend

Many brides nominate their best friends. There are many people who are familiar with guests because they are friends, and their best friends are surprised by sudden nomination, but the whole venue gets excited.

Many of my best friends are happy to cry on the sunny stage of old friends, and they cry, and they are surrounded by an impressive atmosphere. Appointing it would be a lifetime memory for 2 people.

2, senior company

I think that there are seniors who are good friends from the connection of work, such as those who have been taken care of since joining the company, or those who have taken care of at the previous workplace, although the workplace has changed.

I don't think I usually had the opportunity to express my gratitude, but when I received an escort for the Nakaza with a surprise nomination, I would like to express my gratitude to my seniors.

3, grandpa and grandma

Grandpa and grandma who have always loved themselves and looked forward to that day. When such 2 people are chosen as the escort in the middle, there are very many people who are moved and cry.

There are many guests who are impressed by it and warm applause.

If your feet are not in good condition, it is a good idea to have the bride pick you up at the seat instead of a call and go out or have a wheelchair ready to leave.

Grandpa and grandma are very pleased with the appointment. It is also recommended as a memorial for family memories.

4, sisters, brothers and grandpa, grandma

Sisters / siblings will be appointed as the escort of Nakaza. After that, it will be a surprise production to go to meet grandpa and grandma with sisters and brothers.

The sisters and brothers will leave with you, so you can leave with a large number of people.

5, decided by lottery

This is a novel way. The bride is nominated for the person who won the lottery. It is recommended for brides who have been indebted to them and cannot decide who they will be with.

There is a game and everyone can enjoy it, and it will be a lifetime memory for those who are nominated.

6, mom

A mother who is taking care of the bride and is a good partner in life. Your daughter's sunny stage will be full of breasts from the beginning of the ceremony.

If such a mother calls her name in a surprise, you will surely be moved.

When I was young, my memories of walking hand in hand were revived, and I'm sure it will be insensitive. Many attendees are invited to tears in this way.

It is also recommended as a directing for expressing gratitude.

7, responsible planner

A wedding planner who helps you prepare for the wedding. How about telling thanks to such a planner who took care of everything?

Planners will surely be pleased with the sudden surprise.


Surprise surprises the groom with "Ah"

Bride and groom

Weddings tend to be mainly brides, and many brides are deeply involved.

So it was nice to have a wedding ceremony for the groom, just like the bride! Would you like a surprise to make you think?

1, open when letters


This is the groom ’sSurprise in the Brise RoomIt will be.

Please prepare an envelope and a notepaper or card for this surprise.

Write the message to the groom for the essential card, and the timing when you want the groom to read the letter on the envelope or notepaper.

Write on the envelope or notepaper, such as “Read before wearing a tuxedo” or “Read before the wedding begins”.

And on the day of the performance, let's sneak it in the groom's bride's room.

Imagine the groom ’s feelings as you read the letter, and write down the bride ’s feelings as a message.

The surprise this time is very happy at the moment of the surprise, but the letter can be kept for a lifetime, so it is a good memory!

2 presents handmade bow ties

A bow tie

Surprise that the bridegroom presents a bouquet or tiara to the bride ... Many people may have seen or heard it.

On the other hand, you haven't heard much about presents for the groom.

Many people want to give the groom something special to use for their wedding. ThereforeBow tie giftIs recommended.

If you make a bow tie, you can get a premium feeling.

However, it seems difficult to make a bow tie ... Some people think that way. Just be fine! Try searching on the internet for how to make it now. You can do it without any hassle.

The wedding will be a memorable wedding for the bride and groom 2 people, and if you give them a handmade gift, the groom will surely be pleased.

Please give the bride to the groom before the wedding. Leave that moment in the photo and have your host introduce the bow tie in real time. Let's have photos of the groom's face at that time!

It's also nice to review later the facial expression that mixed the joy and surprise of the groom in the photo.

3, mirror message

Mirror message

This is a stunning performance for the groom looking in the mirror.

Write your favorite feelings for the groom in the mirror at the wedding!

However, there are some venues where the mirror should not be soiled, so use a message card.

After preparing the card, let the bride write the favorite place and feelings of the groom on the card and paste them in the mirror!

Let the host introduce it during the wedding, and of course leave the groom's reaction in both the photo and video when looking in the mirror!

4, reverse proposal

Bride and groom

It is a surprise production that is increasing recently. This surprised bride has not been proposed by the groom! There are many people. If you are behaving,Reverse proposal from yourselfAlso ants! is not it.

Of course we will prepare a present because it is a proposal,Pairing and matching accessoriesAnd so on. It is recommended to give something more special because the atmosphere of the proposal is more easily conveyed.

Also, because the reverse proposal lines are also important, there are many people who think that I will be nervous. So it's a good idea to write what you say in advance.

Also, as a precaution, the groom may not be aware if it is a reverse proposal, so let the moderator prompt you to respond.

Because a proposal is only once in a lifetime and a wedding is only once in a lifetime, a proposal at a wedding will make everyone happy, including guests who participate.

5, love letter movie

Flowers and rings

It is a recommended production for you who want to do something different from people because letters are a standard for surprise to the groom.

There are often brides from groomsSurprise movieHowever, since there are not many brides and grooms, guests who look at them are also fresh!

This time, we will introduce the general flow of making a surprise movie.

①Research the place of memories from the childhood of the groom.

② In addition to the kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, high school, university, etc. where the groom graduated, in addition to the past part-time job and company, it would be good to take a video of the location of their memories.

③ Here, let's leave a flower in each of the memorable places as a directing point. Let the bride gather the flowers. Then let the bride make the flower a bouquet in the last place!

④ Finally, take a picture of the bride with the finished bouquet entering the wedding hall, and let the movie end there.

⑤ As soon as the movie ends, the reception hall opens and the bride enters.

The flow up to here is a rough flow, and this production isVery popular because both the venue and the bride and groom are easy to get excited.

If you think it would be difficult to make a movie like the one you introduced, you can put the thoughts of the bride and groom on the song and express them in text.

However, in that case, let's put a word that predicts the appearance of the bride at the end of the movie. A moving scene is completed when the bride is approaching with a bouquet where the groom is impressed by watching the movie.

The timing to set up is good for Nakaza. In the case of Nakaza, isn't the groom going outside the venue to change the color? You might think that.

However, you can leave the bride first and leave the groom to have time to talk to the guests.

If the groom leaves, the movie will be streamed, and the bride will enter again, leaving the venue again with the impressed groom.

If you are going to do this, be sure to consult with your wedding planner so that it will be natural even if you take a look at the wedding flow.

XNUMX. Grooms cake

Grooms cake is not very well known in Japan, but is recommended as a surprise to the groom.

Prepare a cake with the groom's favorite things and hobbies as a motifSo we will prepare it separately from the wedding cake.

It is a surprise that is popular in the United States and has more freedom than a wedding cake, so it is a topic of the whole venue with its uniqueness.

When talking about Grooms Cake, the groom is the main character. It will also help those who attend to know what the groom is.

The wedding cake will be served to all attendees after the sword is inserted and can be tasted as a dessert on the spot. Grooms cake, on the other hand, is cut and put into a box, making it a classic gift to send off.

There is a romantic saying that an unmarried woman sleeps with a groom's cake on her pillow, dreaming of her future husband.

An exciting surprise from the groom to the bride! To excite the groom's motivation



This time, we introduced surprises from children and brides to the groom.

Children's surprises will soften the venue, and surprises from the bride will surprise the entire venue.

There are various kinds of surprises, such as gifts from the video.

If you have a child as the main role, make sure to check in advance whether your parents need to be involved and whether you can calm down in public.

There are many surprises from brides that require the assistance of the host and the venue, so please consult with your wedding planner in advance.

Besides, I think that many brides and grooms live together before marriage, so it is difficult to prepare for this so that the groom will not be out of touch, so it would be nice to have your friends cooperate .

And on the wedding day, the most surprised surprise from the bride is the groom, and I think the groom is the most happy.

It's a surprise for a special occasion called wedding, so I'm sure I'm nervous. However, if it fails, it will be commemorated and will turn into a laughter later.

So, I want you to challenge whatever you want to do and to make a surprise for yourself.

Directing the excitement at the wedding From popular effects to classics