If you give a gift to your parents at the wedding, it will be decided by home appliances! Explain how to choose and budget!


If you want to thank your parents at the end of the wedding, you can buy a home appliance. While weddings are a fine setting for the bride and groom, they are also a good opportunity to thank their parents. If you have a wedding present, give it a home appliance that makes life easier.

This time, we will introduce the home appliances you want to give to your parents at the wedding. We will explain how to choose, budget, and precautions, so please prepare a wedding present in this article.


1. Why are you recommending the latest home appliances to your parents at a wedding?


Practical items are recommended if you want to give your parents a present at the wedding. Classic bouquets, photo frames, and watches are popular, but not practical.

On the other hand, household appliances, tableware, glasses, etc. can be used in daily life after the wedding.

Among practical gifts, home appliances are especially recommended.Home appliances make your life easier, so it's easier for your parents.

In particular,The latest home appliances have many useful functionsSo if you have enough budget, please give it a gift.

・ How do I choose the latest home appliances for my parents?

First, in a conversation with parents,Research for any problemsLet's do it.

Recently, the refrigerator is in a bad condition, I want to change the washing machine to a drum type, I have a hard time cleaning. It is easy to choose a present if a story like this comes out. Please present the latest version of the home appliance in question.

Also, if you buy large home appliances, check your home space first. If you do not enter the room after the present, the present will be spoiled.

Surprise comes with some risk when presenting home appliances. If you live together before marriage, it's easy to figure out what you want and want to do, but if you don't live together, research carefully.

Please check the presence of home corridors, doors, stairs, etc..

If you do n’t have the appliances you want,Small appliances that do not get in the way are recommendedis. Robot vacuum cleaners, smart speakers, electric toothbrushes, etc. do not need to be replaced with existing home appliances, so they do not get in the way.

And we don't recommend low-practical appliances just because you aren't at home. You may want to choose a fashionable home appliance or a trendy home appliance, but it is also important whether you actually get it and use it.

In addition, consider whether your parents can use them together and are happy to have them. It may be better to be careful about things that are biased by users, such as kitchen appliances and beauty goods.

・ What budget do you want to prepare for the latest home appliances?

The budget is most worrisome when you decide to give away home appliances. For large appliances,Tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yenTo do.

Also, if both are the latest home appliances, you must consider a higher budget.

Basically, the present budget of home appliances varies depending on the type.For those who can afford it, please present home appliances that parents want, and for those who can not afford it, please present home appliances that fit in the budget.

・ What are the precautions when presenting the latest home appliances?

When giving home appliances,Only small appliances can be passed directly at the wedding venueIt becomes. Large household appliances cannot be delivered on the spot, so some countermeasures are required.

For example, give a message card and put it on it, make an original card and hand it over. Avoid just preparing nothing on the spot. If you feel that the card alone is not enough, you can prepare a bouquet or a small souvenir and attach it.

When handing small appliances,Let's present it after wrapping neatly. In this case, you will be pleased if you wear a message card.


2. Thorough introduction of the latest home appliances you want to give to your parents at the wedding!


Let's take a look at the latest home appliances you want to give to your parents at the wedding. This time, we have compiled a variety of the latest home appliances. Since the recommendation level and price are also listed, please refer to the present.

・ SHARP humidified air purifier KC-J50-W

SHARP Humidification Air Purifier KC-J50-W


Recommendation: ★★★★ ☆
Price: 2 10,000 yen
Features: Thin and space-saving air purifier!

A convenient air purifier in the living room or bedroom. In particular,Present suitable for parents suffering from hay fever and allergiesis. However, there is an image that the air purifier is large and takes a surprising place.

Meanwhile, the “humidified air purifier KC-J50-W” from SHARP has realized a thin design. While feeling a small sizeHas the same functions as the plasma cluster, speed circulation airflow, 3 two filters and conventional air purifier.

The recommended number of tatami mats is up to 13 tatami mats, and they can be used in the living room as well as in the bedroom. Even if there is more than one air purifier in the family, it does not get in the way. It is convenient when there is room which we want to put newly let alone replacement by purchase.

Official site:SHARP Humidification Air Purifier KC-J50-W

・ IRobot Roomba e5

iRobot Roomba e5


Recommendation: ★★★★ ☆
Price: 5 10,000 yen
Features: High-end model with 3 stage cleaning system!

If you want to reduce the burden of cleaning even a little, a robot vacuum cleaner gift is recommended. Above all, iRobot's rumba series, famous for robot cleaners, is perfect for the first robot cleaner.

It's a gift that's especially pleasing to parents who are busy and don't have much time to do housework.

"Rumba e5" is a high-end model equipped with the latest functions.3 stage cleaning system increases suction power by 5. With rubber dual action brush and power lift suction, you will not miss invisible garbage and hair.

In addition, it is care to be worried about with robot cleaner, but "rumba e5"Dust container that can be washed with water. After cleaning, it is just a quick wash, so care is not a burden.

Official site:iRobot Roomba e5

・ BALMUDA The Toaster

BALMUDA The Toaster


Recommendation: ★★★★★
Price: 2 million 2,900 yen
Features: Reproduces freshly baked taste with steam technology and temperature control!

Barmuuda's “BALMUDA The Toaster” is a toaster that can reproduce bread baked in a kiln. Equipped with toast, cheese toast, French bread, croissant and classic 5 modes.

Unique steam technology and temperature control work for each bread, realizing a touching scent and texture. Of course, not only bread but also other cooking is possible.

With “BALMUDA The Toaster”, every morning toast will turn into something more delicious.Home appliances that parents want to give if they often eat toast.

Also, “BALMUDA The Toaster” can be seen as an interior. Black, white, gray and chocolate 4 colors are available. The design itself is simple and intuitive.

Official site:BALMUDA The Toaster

・ Panasonic dishwasher NP-TZ100

SHARP Humidification Air Purifier KC-J50-W


Recommendation: ★★★★ ☆
Price: About 6 million to 9 million
Features: Reproduces freshly baked taste with steam technology and temperature control!

Cleaning up after meals is difficult even in housework. This is a dislike for those with weak skin, as it can cause rough hands in the summer and in the winter. Let's present a dishwasher to reduce the burden as much as possible.

Panasonic's “Dishwasher NP-TZ100” keeps it clean with Nano-E X. Also,It has better cleaning power than hand-washing, and 1 times less water than 11L.

However, what is worrisome in the dishwasher is the size. "Dishwasher NP-TZ100"Designed to be placed in a small spaceIt has been. It can be placed on a counter or bay window, so there is no problem in a small kitchen.

Official site:Panasonic dishwasher NP-TZ100




Recommendation: ★★★★ ☆
Price: 7 million 9,800 yen
Features: Rice cooker that can cook the world's most delicious rice!

“VERMICULAR Rice Spot” is recommended for parents who often eat rice. The innovative rice cooker that combines a cast enamel pan and a pot heater was born to make the world's most delicious rice.

Simple operation and easy maintenance. Various ways of cooking can be done with temperature and time management, such as white rice, brown rice, rice cake, and rice porridge.

The 2 technology that controls how heat is transmitted brings out the true flavor of rice. By the way, "VERMICULAR Rice Spot"There is no insulation function. This point needs attention.

Official site:VERMICULAR Rice Spot

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Junio ​​Eye

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Junio ​​Eye


Recommendation: ★★★★ ☆
Price: 1 10,000 yen
Features: Enjoy authentic taste with simple operation!

If your parents regularly drink coffee, the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Junio ​​Eye is recommended.Enjoy more than 20 types of full-fledged cafe menus on the 1 platform. Because it is extracted with the pump pressure of the maximum 15 atmospheric pressure, the same foam as a full-fledged cafe was realized.

Junio ​​Eye is a popular staple product in the series.Easy operation of 4 step and easy maintenance with capsuleIs a popular secret. Among the home appliances introduced this timeThe price is in the 1 million yen rangeIf you are a coffee lover, do n’t hesitate to give them a gift.

Official site:Nescafe Dolce Gusto Junio ​​Eye

・ Hurom H2H Superior

Hurom H2H Superior


Recommendation: ★★★★ ☆
Price: 4 10,000 yen
Features: Smoothie strainer with world-class sellers!

If you want to give a gift that reflects the health of your parents, Hurom's “H2H Superior”, a world-class long seller, is suitable.By setting the number of rotations for 1 minutes to 40 rotation, you can enjoy juice without losing the nutrition of vegetables and fruits.

By using different strainers,From smooth juices to thick juices with a fruity taste can be createdis. There are many accessories for citrus and tofu, so you can use them widely.

It's a gift you'll want to give to parents who live a healthy life.

Official site:Hurom H2H Superior



Bride with bouquet

We introduced home appliances to present to parents at the wedding. If you're thinking of giving away some kind of home appliance gift, please know how to choose and budget in this article.

The latest home appliances are tools to enrich your life. If you say thank you for growing up at a wedding, give home appliances with the meaning that you want to have a little fun.

Practical item 10 selection that will be appreciated by presenting to parents at the wedding!

What is the market price for giving gifts to parents at a wedding? Introducing items by price range!