An exciting surprise from the groom to the bride! To excite the groom's motivation


Introducing orthodox surprises


If there is a surprise at the wedding, you will be moved.

In particular, if you give a surprise gift from the groom to the bride, you will be unanimously wrapped in a moving mood.

However, some people are not good at surprises and are worried about not knowing what to do.

This time, we will introduce recommended surprises for grooms and brides who will help those who have such problems.

Even those who have never been surprised will introduce a wide range of things from elaborate productions to orthodox things, so please take a look at it.

1 What are the recommended surprises for brides and grooms?

This time we recommend a surprise from the groom to the bride.

The groom who has never set a special surprise has chosen something that is easy to challenge.

・ Give presents from the groom to the bride
Read the letter from the groom to the bride
・ Send a song from the groom to the bride
・ Send a surprise movie to the bride
・ Provide flashmob proposal to bride

All have been impressive productions.

I would like to introduce these in turn.

Handing a present from the groom to the bride


Even though the groom is surprised to be surprised, many people think that it might be possible with gifts.

A gift with a bouquet and a message would be nice because the standard items are easy to please.

Or, if you know what the bride likes in advance, I think it is.

Another thing that pleases me is thatGroom handmade giftis. The gift is not difficult, and you can use a bouquet or tiara that can be used for weddings.

If you have a baby in your bride's stomach, you can make something for your newborn baby.

If you make a movie of the groom making a present, the bride will surely be happy and cry.

Still, if you are embarrassed to give it during the wedding, it is nice to leave it in the waiting room before entering the wedding or in the hotel room after the wedding.

Read letters from groom to bride

Flowers and letters

There are few opportunities to convey honest feelings from the groom, right?

There will be no timing to tell more about your precious wedding.

If you write a letter to the bride, it will be easier to convey. It can be left as a shape, so it will be a special gift after the wedding is over.

It ’s an embarrassing surprise that you do n’t want to stop because you ’re embarrassed.

I think there are people who are worried about the contents of the letter, so I will tell you what to write.

・ What you usually think about the bride
・ Bride's favorite place
・ Where did the bride think about getting married?
-Memories on a date before marriage
・ First impression of bride
・ What do you want to do with the bride?

It is a good idea to write in consideration of the above. In addition, it would be better to thank the parents of the bride who raised the bride.

Also, if the letter is too long, it will blur the things you want to convey, so be sure to finish it within 3 minutes.

Some people say that reading the letter in front of them is not courageous.

For those of you, there is a way of using a telegram to have the moderator read instead.

Giving a song from the groom to the bride

A man with a microphone

This may be a surprise for those who are confident in singing. If the groom sings a song that is often composed by the groom, or sings aside as an answer song at the timing of entertainment, the entire venue will be a storm of surprise and excitement.

If you practice and play the instruments secretly to play the piano and guitar, you'll be impressed that you made time for the wedding and practiced hard.

If you're worried about which song to sing, use one that contains lyrics that are easy to convey to the bride. If you have a song you've heard or remembered a lot on a date, that's fine.

Also, if you don't have a favorite singer, you can tell the lyrics with a slow song like a ballad.

Send a surprise movie to the bride


It is a surprise that is recommended for grooms who are not good enough to convey their feelings at the venue on the wedding day.

Surprise movies have little tension in the production, but it is a wonderful production that can communicate the feelings in the production to the bride even if it takes time and effort.

Also, if you want to finish it more fashionably, there are many specialized contractors, so it is a good idea to check.

Here are some important surprise movies.

-In order to create a movie-like atmosphere, the groom visits the place of the memories of the two in turn, brings the video that finally enters the wedding hall, and the appearance of the groom who has finished redressing at that timing .
・ Take a picture of gathering roses one by one at a place where the bride has been involved, and give the bride a bouquet of roses at the wedding venue.
・ Connecting video messages from people who have been taken care of by the bride and good friends.
・ As a heartwarming thing, get a message from the parents of the bride and groom towards the bride.

There are a lot of surprise movies, but all of them have wonderful compositions that make the bride cry.

And as a configuration that makes this surprise more inspiring,Make a letter into a movieThere is also.

A simple yet firm surprise that not only the bride but also the guests cannot break without tears.

Surprise Special at Weddings: Surprise Movie

Make a flash mob proposal for the bride


This directing will make everybody who sees it stand out. It will be a big one involving the staff and guests in the venue.

I recommend this surpriseGroom who got married but has not yet properly proposed.

If you haven't made a proposal yet, aren't there many people who are embarrassed to get married and make a proposal again?

Such a person will involve not only you but your surroundings!

If you have friends who will cooperate with you, you will surely be able to tell the proposal to the bride without being shy.

Many women feel lonely after a short time after the wedding, saying, "Speaking of which, I have no memories of proposals." Proposal is not proper! Is a good opportunity for a wedding.

With a lot of rose bouquets, a proposal like a movie scene should be perfect for wedding outfits.

If you do flash mob,Let your bride's friend join you! Be careful as the bride cannot be raised by just the groom's friend.

Besides, it is easy to create an inspiring atmosphere by having the bride's family participate.

When you hear Flash Mob, everyone dances! ? You may be worried whether you can get the preparation and the cooperation of others, but it is relatively easy to sing. Speak out to your bride's friends and let them know what song to sing in advance.

I want Flash Mob to succeed! Tips and Cautions: Wedding

2 About the timing of the last surprise

Surprise tends to get messed up even though it was prepared with the wrong timing.

So don't be selfish about what you want to do at this time.

Talk to your wedding planner, who is always professional.

In general, there are standard timings such as re-entry after re-dressing, entertainment, and before the bride's letter, but be sure to consult with a wedding planner who knows the flow of the wedding!

Of course, it is imperative that you work with the staff at the ceremony hall to make a surprise when planning a surprise.


3 A must-see for brides who are uncomfortable with the groom! I will teach you the solution

A man in a suit

By the way, here is the content for the bride.

There is always a fight in preparing for a wedding. And what many brides feel is that they are not motivated by the groom. So this time I'm going to tell you how the groom motivates the bride.

If the person reading the article is a man, please cooperate without using the method introduced here.

Important ways to motivate the groom

Woman watching sunset

I would like to have a wedding ceremony for a groom who is not motivated and is not ready for weddings. I think that there are many people who suffer from such a wind.

So the important point I want to tell you is the benefits of having a wedding.

Both only have to tell the fact, but this is difficult. I want to help the wedding because I really want to do it! Or want a wedding! Many people say that.

But,Men are inspired by objective facts, not emotions like women.

So it ’s better to share the benefits of having a wedding and do it together? Let's convey that firmly.

Whether you're a man or a woman, you're unlikely to neglect what you've decided to think about yourself.

If the bride calls the groom, why not try the following?

・ If you don't have a wedding, you have to go to your acquaintances, parents / relatives, and the company to get married. But if you have a wedding, everyone will come and it ’s all done in one go.
・ I'm worried about money. But it ’s okay, there are a lot of wedding plans now, so I ’d like you to choose them together.
・ If there is no person who wants to call the company, how about a wedding with only two people and relatives? Why don't you just call a good friend at a restaurant or a good friend?

None of themIf the groom has a bad point, why don't you have a wedding that can solve it?It ’s an approach based on the other party ’s feelings.

Talking like this, the groom should be wondering if you can try it.

Groom's motivation approach

A man in a suit worried

As I told you earlier, you may be in the other person's position, and even if you tell them to do a wedding, your thoughts may not be communicated to the groom.

For example, in the following way of saying:

・ You don't have to have a wedding, but in that case your friends will come home and celebrate. I have 10 friends like that, but can they entertain each other on different days? "
・ "Your boss, friends, and relatives will give you a wedding celebration, so you have to give it back as a congratulatory gift. And there are people who come to the house, so you still have to be entertained. "
・ "We don't have to have a wedding, but we have to greet each other's relatives, but will they come?"

At first glance, if you don't have a wedding, there are such disadvantages, and since it tells you the fact, it seems that the groom will also do it.

But when you say thisMany grooms feel that they are being accusedSo it can be a quarrel just to tell you what you want to do a wedding. for that reasonWhen communicating, it ’s better to talk about the benefits.

This kind of demerit can happen when asked by the groom. It would be nice to answer in about.

Things that the groom is likely to care about when performing a wedding

・ Groom's friends are considerably fewer than bride's friends
・ We are worried that we will be able to cover the wedding expenses because of the small savings.
・ Because there is simply no longing, wedding preparations are troublesome
・ I do not want to stand out like a wedding because I am not good at doing anything in public.

This is a way of telling the groom about the benefits that I told you earlier, but the voice will change depending on why you are worried.

Equation to let you say you want to have a wedding

The content I've told you so far will work well, but I'll also tell you how to make the groom say yes.

・ Communicate that the bride cares for her groom's parents, relatives, and friends
・ We ask the groom to choose the atmosphere, amount, and plan of the wedding hall.
・ The bride saves a lot of money

This 3 method is quite effective.

If you tell this, there is no doubt that even a groom who does not want to do it will feel free to listen to it.

After all, the person who likes me tells me to think of myself most and try to have a wedding. If you do n’t want to do a wedding,.

The bride also needs to be patient with persuasion at the beginning, but if you add your own taste little by little after the wedding preparations begin, the preparations should be comfortable and smooth to the end.

Men say a little selfish, but please try to persuade them kindly.



Bride and groom

In this article, we shared a surprise from the groom to the bride and an approach that would make the groom more active in preparing for the wedding in order to get deals for both the groom and the bride.

Many grooms are embarrassed about the wedding ceremony, but I hope you will be courageous and surprised for the beloved bride.

Surprise at a wedding in a lifetime is a very good memory for each other.

In addition, weddings are more difficult to prepare than on the day. The brides are encouraged to try out the methods introduced here for the problems that the grooms make so hard to cooperate with.

If you enjoy not only the actual wedding but also the preparations, your memories will be more than 2 times.

I sincerely hope that the readers will be able to list a wonderful wedding that can be said to be a happy wedding for both the bride and groom.

Introducing surprises that will please you at the wedding-why don't you become a gimmick? ~