Information about the anniversary newspaper

Yomiuri Shimbun will be attached

All newspapers attached to the “Series with Anniversary Newspapers” handled by our company are Yomiuri Shimbun. You cannot attach other companies' newspapers.

A bottle of A3-size newspaper is included with each bottle of sake.

Standard stock items can be shipped the same day for orders up to 15 on weekdays (direct shipment from Niigata). For ordered products, each product is provided with an estimated delivery date (number of orders). This does not apply to full-order name drinks and reserved items, and when 6 and 12 months are busy.

It is possible to attach multiple newspapers

In principle, there is only one anniversary newspaper per name sake, but you can add a newspaper if you wish. that time,One extra charge 1,080 yen (tax included)takes. If you can contact us, we will make additional arrangements for how to add newspapers.

The newspaper is printed with a specified date and a chronology of 20 years from the specified number of years
An example of the front and back of the anniversary newspaper
The chronology is itemized with about 3 to 4 per year.

Excerpts of major social events and events that occurred during the year are listed in 3 to 4 items.

Chronological example

* The above contents are listed for 20 years.

The date you specify may be closed.

The specified newspaper date may not be published or the morning edition may not be published. If no newspaper has been published, a newspaper will be attached the day after the date specified in principle.

We cannot tell newspaper article in advance

Since the articles published in the anniversary newspaper will be found after ordering in principle, the contents of newspaper articles cannot be communicated in advance.

There is one side that is difficult to read

Depending on the storage state of the original newspaper, some text and photos may be blurred, or there may be paper with poor image quality. Old newspapers and newspapers published during the war are especially difficult to read except for headlines.

We do not sell the anniversary newspaper separately

In principle,Only customers who have purchased the name insert seriesAn anniversary newspaper is attached. For this reason, we do not sell anniversary newspapers only.

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