Change of orderer information

Please contact us if you want to change the orderer's information after completing the order. If you change the order details, you will receive an “Order Details Change Email”. Please make sure that your order has been changed correctly.

About information change of addressee

Please contact us if you want to change the delivery information after your order is complete. Due to changes in the delivery address, payment methods may be changed for customers who are unable to deliver on the specified delivery date and time of delivery, or who wish to use “cash on delivery” as the payment method. We will contact you by e-mail or phone for any problems that occur with the change of delivery address.

About changes to ordered products

You can change the product after completing the order, but the name sake will be a full order product. Please contact us to see if it can be changed.

Changing the designated delivery date or delivery time zone

If you would like to change the delivery date or delivery time after your order is complete, please contact us. Please note that you may not be able to accept the requested delivery date and time, so please be sure to contact us after confirming the "Frequently Asked Questions About Delivery Time" and the number of days required for delivery.

Frequently asked questions about delivery time
Days before delivery

Payment method changes

If you want to change the payment method, please contact us by e-mail or phone. After the change, we will send an e-mail to accept the change to the e-mail address you received when placing your order. The change will be completed with an email notification.

About change of 熨斗

Even after your order is complete, you can change the name and name of the Saito. Please feel free to tell us. Please note that changes may not be accepted depending on the timing of contact.

Changing the date of the anniversary newspaper

As a general rule, change the date of the anniversary newspaper after your order is complete.Separate chargeIt will be.
The following conditions are excluded.

■ Conditions for free date change of anniversary newspaper

If the date of your order is closed.
When a large amount of cruel or inappropriate articles are published on the front of a newspaper when handing it over at a wedding or reception.

About change of name, character to write in label

As a general rule, we will not accept any changes to the name or characters on the label after your order has been completed. If there are any corrections or changes, please contact our store immediately.

Phone number and opening hours