Information on wrapping, description, etc.

Wrapping with wrapping paper and wrapping paper

For customers who ordered products with name, we will wrap them.

Delivered in double packaging

When shipping products at our shop, we ship in double packaging. First of all, a cushioning material (bubble wrap) is wrapped around the product itself, and then put in cardboard.

Liquor and newspaper are in the paulownia box

Inside the luxurious paulownia box is liquor (or juice) and an anniversary newspaper folded in a translucent envelope.

A paper bag will be attached if delivered to the customer's address

In the case of delivery to the orderer's address, a paper bag is attached free of charge, assuming that name-added liquor is carried. If the delivery address is different from the orderer's address, no paper bag is attached.

The statement and receipt will be attached only to those who requested.

For customers who order name sake, we do not attach a statement or receipt. This is for consideration as a gift product. If you wish, we will attach it if you wish.

↓ Example of correspondence when you want a statement / receipt

◆ If the orderer and the delivery address are different
We will send it by mail to the orderer's address.

◆ If the recipient is different from the recipient, but you want to send the statement / receipt to the recipient
Basically, we will not send the item to you if the recipient is different. Therefore, it is necessary to contact the customer who orders the product. If you wish to use the above information, please fill in the communication and remarks columns.

We also send the details and receipts after delivery

When purchasing the product, a statement / receipt was not required, but we will send it separately if you contact us even if you need it later. Please feel free to contact us.

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