• 2020.02.12

Is this really frozen? Everyone is surprised [Recommended best frozen knob] 13 selections

Frozen snacks for daily drinks. In the recent frozen food industry, sales of frozen foods for lunch boxes have leveled off due to the declining birthrate. Therefore, a new breach was directed to a slightly finer quality frozen knob for the growing number of home drinkers. Some frozen snacks can be eaten just by natural thawing, while others can easily be heated with a microwave oven or an oven toaster. There is also a frozen knob […]

  • 2020.02.10

Terroirs around the world: from sake to world sake

What is terroir? Terroir is a term derived from the French word "terre", meaning "land / soil." Originally French for the variety of varieties such as wine, coffee, tea, etc. according to the geography, terrain and climate of the habitat. Farmlands in the same region share the same soil, climate, topography, and agricultural techniques, giving the crop its unique local character. These days, it is often said about wine, but in the case of wine […]

  • 2020.02.06

[Sake tax law] changes! Export-only "luxury sake" brewing "new entry possible" is going to be light or dark

After the peak of the popularity of sake in 1975, sake has been steadily declining for about 45 years. In the meantime, the country, which had not taken any action, finally lifted its heavy waist. Despite the fact that the current situation is that the shrinking and closing of sake breweries is progressing due to the shrinking market, people who have a new passion and idea for sake brewing refuse to issue a new sake manufacturing license On the other hand, the government continued to adhere to the policy of closing the door […]

  • 2020.02.03

Brooklyn Kura, the first local sake brewery in NY to create a local sake

Japanese food has become increasingly popular overseas since it was registered as a "Japanese Cuisine" World Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2013. This boom is not only about food, but also about drinks. In particular, Japanese sake, a traditional alcoholic beverage in Japan, has been increasing its overseas export fees every year, indicating the level of attention overseas. Among them, the largest export destination of sake is the United States, which accounts for about a quarter of the total export volume. In this article, we will discuss the sake maker in the United States […]

  • 2020.01.29

"Sake is stylish and cool! The reason why it is popular among Chinese youth is that TV drama !?

The domestic shipment of sake, which exceeded 1973 million kiloliters in 170, decreased to 2018 kiloliters in FY49. Despite falling below one-third of the peak, each sake brewer is making more efforts to export sake overseas. Under such circumstances, China has recently seen a large growth in sake exports. The wealthy Chinese who have become affordable and pay more attention to their health are fond of expensive sake, and Chinese young people also think that "Sake is fashionable ♪" […]

  • 2020.01.27

Sake is pure rice! The characteristics and taste of Junmai sake that you can't hear anymore

If you are not familiar with Japanese sake, you may not be able to imagine what the difference is and what kind of taste it is, even if it is called pure rice sake or brewed sake. Sake called Ginjo, Junmai, and Honjozo have their own conditions, and sake that meets certain conditions is called `` special name sake '' to differentiate it from ordinary sake. is. Junmai sake, as the name implies, is made only of rice, rice 水, and water.

  • 2020.01.23

[Vegan sake] The world's first. "Southern Beauty" spurs overseas sales with "visualization made obvious"

On January 2019, 1, there was an announcement from Iwate Prefecture's Nanbu Bijin Co., Ltd. that it had obtained the world's first sake vegan certification. In October 25, Nagai Sake Brewery in Gunma also received news of "vegan certification." However, speaking of sake, simple sake made with "water, rice and koji". Is it originally a vegan drink? Some people may have tilted their heads. So, this time, vegans are increasing abroad […]

  • 2020.01.20

Recommended for sake beginners, find your favorite sake with tasting

Along with beer and wine, sake is gaining in popularity among younger generations and women recently. The number of casual bars and izakayas offering specialty dishes that match sake is also increasing, and even if you are not familiar with sake, there are also nice shops that you will want to try. However, there are a lot of beginners who want to try sake, but there are too many kinds to choose, and they are interested but don't know how to get started. The tasting […]

  • 2020.01.17

What is the rumored [Sake cheering party]? Reveal the reality of "Kuranashi Sake Business Group"

Closed out of a small local sake brewery recently heard. Production decline due to labor shortage in hard-working sake breweries. Sadly, sake breweries, which have been endured by local production for local consumption and family management, are weakened rapidly as the depopulation in the region decreases, the sales and production volume decrease. There is a group that started activities with the desire to raise the level of the problem in the sake industry. This time, the love of sake has grown, and he has started his own sake brewing without owning his own brewery.

  • 2020.01.14

What is [HACCP]? Brief explanation from acquisition method to time to acquisition, funding

The Food Sanitation Law was revised on June 2018, 6. From that day on, all food companies are required to obtain HACCP certification for their food hygiene management system, not just for certain businesses, such as major manufacturers and exporters. Food companies are restaurants, retail stores, distribution warehouses, etc., and all businesses that handle food. Regardless of large, medium or small size. Behind the government's mandate is the rapidly increasing number of Japanese foods exported overseas, the Tokyo 13 Olympics […]

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