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Woman wearing a mask suffering from pollen

The real relationship between [hay fever] and alcohol! Elucidating whether drinking is good or bad, and which goods are recommended

The season of unpleasant hay fever has arrived.A runny nose that I can't let go of the tissue, itching and teary eyes that make me want to take out the eyeballs and wash them, sneezing and sneezing in my throat.Pollinosis has become a national disease.The peak of Japanese cedar pollen is 2 ~ […]
Amazake and a pink flower beside it in a pink colored teacup

Win [Virus with Amazake]! `` Superfood born in Japan '' seems to be good for immunity enhancement

Amazake that makes me feel nostalgic when it gets chilly.Recently, attention has been focused on the health benefits of amazake, and it seems that more and more people are drinking amazake all year round, regardless of the season.Amazake is also known as "drinking drip" and is a favorite drink, although it may seem old-fashioned.Certainly the nutritional component is […]
Foreign men and women blowing their nose

"Influenza" is in vogue. I want to teach me softly before seeing crying

Influenza outbreaks last year from January to February, but the number of people who are already sick due to influenza is increasing this year as well.In fact, according to the National Institute of Infectious Diseases, 1 patients (2 […]] visited a fixed-point influenza medical institution.
Sake lees and sake

A world of unknown sake lees, a treasure trove of nutrition

Sake lees is the process of making sake, and the rest of the mash that has been squeezed after the preparation is finished is sake lees.Sake lees remain 25% by weight when sake rice is brewed.Sake lees are abundant in a concentrated state of functional ingredients derived from rice, jiuqu, and yeast. […]