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Sake Junmai Daiginjo [Okami] 720ml

A pure rice daiginjo brewed by Mondo Selection. Uses 100% of Niigata rice. Pure rice Daiginjo sake, which has a modest but gentle scent when poured, spreads a gorgeous and fragrant fruit scent in the mouth, and has a fruity umami taste and a heavy unpleasant taste. Because it is a light-flavored type, it is compatible with any dish, but it is particularly well-matched with pale-white fish, broiled fish, and steamed steamed dishes. Let it repeat deliciously.

Kitayuki YK35 Japanese sake Daiginjo 720ml (boxed)

The gorgeous scent is like a fresh lychee and is wrapped in a soft fruity scent. The elegant drinking mouth has a slight sweetness and is finished in a high-class dryness that disappears into the throat very refreshingly. A beautiful sake that feels like a refreshing sensation after drinking delicious water. If you take it out of the refrigerator, open the tap, start drinking immediately, and drink it after touching the air a little, I think that people who do not drink so much can understand the change in taste. It is an exquisite sake that will let you know the depth of sake at the same time. The name YK35 means “Y” of Nishida Yamada used for sake rice, “K” of K9 of Kumamoto Yeast, 35% high-milled rice. There was a jinx called “YK35”. From Kitayuki Sake Brewery HP-Refined Yamada Nishiki, which is optimally brewed for rice, contracted in Sado Island, to 35%, hand-made Daiginjo sake born from long-term low-temperature fermentation using kojiki and kojibuta is. Please enjoy the delicious fragrance, delicate taste, and light back mouth that are unique to Daiginjo.

Japanese sake Junmai Ginjo [Amamizu amamizu] 720ml [with paulownia box]

All of the rice used for sake brewing is made from Niigata Prefecture's “Gohyakumangoku” and has a taste of Niigata Prefecture's characteristic “Spicy Dry”. A clear taste is felt in the clean, and it is excellent in compatibility with white fish such as sea bream and flounder.