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Amule Amulet Complete Set (200ml x 4) [Liqueur Fruit Liquor Plum Liquor Peach Liquor Yuzu Liquor White Grape]

Fruit liqueur filled with women's “love”. Co-developed a sake-based liqueur with a sake brewer over 3 years that women can enjoy fashionably! This is a new Japanese sake proposal that enjoys a fruity scent and a refreshing fruit flavor. Please enjoy the fruit wine in a heart-shaped bottle. Good point for women, 200mlt drink size is nice. Because it is easy to drink and finished in low alcohol, it is also recommended for those who are weak in alcohol. 4ml of "Ume", "Momo", "White grape (Chardonnay)" and "Yuzu" were packed into bottles. It has a fresh taste as if you were eating fruit.

Japanese sake Junmai Daiginjo Sake [Iwao] 720ml

A phantom sake brewed in the rare Niigata Classic Koshihikari made in terraced rice fields. This is a phantom pure rice daiginjo sake made from rice grown in the cleanest water of the mountain stream. In Niigata Prefecture, which is cultivated only with pure snowmelt water that does not contain any human water, we used rare Koshihikari with a production volume of less than 1%. Rice produced in a harsh environment has a strong umami flavor, and its sweetness, stickiness, and gloss are very different from other rice. This “Iwao” is a sake made with the passion that there is no reason why the sake made with such delicious rice is not delicious. Just like eating rice, it is a pure rice daiginjo that can be drunk with food. An elegant fragrance without habits, a light taste without taste, and a fruity and firm taste. The mouthpiece is light at the moment of passing through the throat from the mouth, making it an excellent sake that is perfect for a mid-meal drink. Best match with salt-grilled fish, green vegetables, sashimi, and steamed clams!

Japanese Sake Rouge Super Special Daiginjo 35 720ml

Polished Yamada Nishiki, a rice suitable for brewing, up to 35% and using the entire amount. Daiginjo sake born from long-term low-temperature fermentation. Please enjoy the gorgeous fragrance, delicate and deep taste and refreshing back mouth

Japanese sake pure rice sake "Nishiki" 720ml

The Japanese sake “Nishiki” is a gorgeous sake that looks like Nishikigoi, and you can feel its dignity in its pureness. As an antithesis to the present age when the number of people who drink in the head has increased, the specifications of sake are not disclosed, but it is an alcohol that has received international evaluation not only for its design but also for its quality. Please rest assured. I hope you can enjoy it purely with your nose, mouth, and eyes, instead of capturing the taste and scent with your head.