Indication about Specified Commercial Transaction Law

store information

shop's name Phantom sake online shopping
Merchant Phantom Sake Co., Ltd.
Sales manager Hiromi Okumura
Location 951-8131 1-28 Hakusanura, Chuo-ku, Niigata-shi, Niigata
Phone 025-378-2631
FAX 025-378-2632
E-mail address
Carried Products Sake
Authorization / Qualification Owned by a liquor retail sales license (Niigata Tax Office) Niigata Sake 1 No. 58 (mail order: No. 1-145) Others: All liquor wholesale license owned
Selling Volume The inventory quantity is listed on the sales site
Rates for Non-product Price Required ■ Normal shipping (delivery of local sake) varies depending on the region.・ Hokkaido → 1300 yen (tax included) ・ Shikoku (Kagawa, Tokushima, Ehime, Kochi) → 1200 yen (tax included) ・ Kyushu (Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki, Kumamoto, Oita, Miyazaki, Kagoshima) → 1300 yen (tax included) ・ Okinawa → 2300 yen (tax included) ・ Other areas → 900 yen (tax included) ■ Cool price If you wish to have a cool flight, a flat fee of 330 yen (tax included) will be charged. * "Cool essential products" such as raw sake are included in the product price. ■ If you choose cash on delivery, a cash on delivery fee (flat rate of 330 yen) will be charged. ■ If you choose bank transfer, you will be responsible for the transfer fee. * Fees vary depending on the bank. ■ Credit card payment is free of charge. ■ If you choose convenience store payment, a separate fee (flat rate of 330 yen) will be charged. ■ Mobile Eddie is free of charge.
Application expiry date If you wish to pay by bank transfer or convenience store, please pay within 14 days after ordering.If payment cannot be confirmed within 14 days of ordering, the order will be cancelled. * Cancellation is not possible for ordered items such as XNUMXth birthday celebration sake. * If payment and payment cannot be confirmed, we may call you for confirmation. * If the payment cannot be confirmed and the financial institution cannot make it in time, we will respond by sending an image of the bank receipt that has already been transferred or by changing to convenience store payment.If you wish, please let us know in advance.
Delivery time Due to the convenience of ordering newspapers from newspaper companies, the delivery date for the name-added sake with newspapers on the anniversary will be different from the order date. (It will be shipped within 3 business days. Delivery can be specified.) In-stock items can be shipped on the same day if payment is confirmed by 13:025 on business days.Please feel free to contact us regarding the delivery date. (TEL: 378-2631-XNUMX)

About returned goods / defective products

Return date / conditions [Returns and exchanges due to inadequacies in our shop] We will accept returns or exchanges at our expense for shipping and handling charges for incorrect delivery quantities and products, and damage during delivery.In case of refund, we will refund within XNUMX business days after contacting the transfer account. [Returns / Exchanges at Customer's Convenience] We accept returns at the customer's expense, including shipping and handling charges. (Within XNUMX days after the item arrives) If you wish to return the item, please be sure to contact us in advance by phone or email.Please note that we cannot accept returns without contacting us in principle.Due to the nature of the products, we cannot accept returns for full-order products such as XNUMXth birthday celebrations and wedding gifts.In addition, we cannot accept returns of food and drink after opening due to the characteristics of the product.In case of refund, we will refund within XNUMX business days after contacting the transfer account.However, the transfer fee when transferring from us will be deducted (at the customer's expense) and refunded.
Return Fees Please bear it if it is convenient for you.For example, if you make a mistake in ordering the newspaper and order it again due to an incorrect newspaper date, please bear the cost of ordering the newspaper again.However, we will not be responsible for the replacement of defective products or the delivery of incorrect products.
Defective product [Return / Exchange due to defective products] In the unlikely event that there is a defective product, we will replace the product at our expense.We take all possible precautions regarding the quality of the product, but if there is any deterioration or defect in the product due to our inadequacy or trouble during delivery, we will responsibly replace it with a non-defective product even after opening the product.If you would like to have a replacement, please contact us by email or phone within 951 days after the item arrives.We will replace it with a non-defective item after you return it by freight collect (at our expense).Please contact us by email or phone. * Defective products will be handed over to the manufacturer and the cause will be inspected. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we ask for your cooperation in returning the products. 8131-1-28 Hakusanura, Chuo-ku, Niigata City, Niigata 025-378, Japan Phantom Sake Co., Ltd. TEL 2631-025-378 FAX 2632-9-00 Weekdays: 18:00 to XNUMX:XNUMX : To Internet Mail Order Headquarters

About payment method

Payment method ■ Cash on delivery (Cash on delivery fee is 324 yen) ■ Bank transfer (prepayment) (Shipping after payment is confirmed, transfer fee paid by the customer) ■ Credit payment (free of charge) ■ Rakuten Pay ■ Convenience payment (prepayment) (Fee is flat 330 Yen) ■ Mobile eddy payment (free of charge)
Payment deadline ■ In case of bank transfer (prepayment) We will ship the item as soon as the payment is confirmed.As a general rule, please transfer within 10 days after ordering. ■ Convenience store payment (prepayment) We will ship the product as soon as payment is confirmed.As a general rule, please pay at the nearest convenience store within 10 days after ordering. ■ Cash on delivery The price will be paid to the delivery staff when the product is delivered. ■ For Rakuten Pay It depends on the closing date of your credit card company. <Caution> If the delivery address and the orderer are different due to gifts, etc., cash on delivery will be the form of payment to the delivery address.Please be careful.