Amule Amulet Complete Set (200ml x 4) [Liqueur Fruit Liquor Plum Liquor Peach Liquor Yuzu Liquor White Grape]

Price: ¥ 5,500 (tax included)
quantity: Sets

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Gourmet Women Award2019 Gold Award Winning Product

Anule-A delicious and cute fruit sake based on Japanese sake that women want to drink-

“I do n’t like sake…”

Looking at the gender ratio of sake consumption, there are still many men, and many women are not good at sake. Faced with the impressions from those who are not good at Japanese sake, we developed seriously “Sake liking sake” with a focus on the female staff of phantom sake. That is the sake-based fruit liqueur “Amule”.

Good points for tickling women's hearts

Heart shaped bottle

This is sake! ??A cute heart-shaped bottle that makes you think "Contents: 200ml"

Beautiful label like a painting

A modern label that looks like a painting of each fruit

Easy to drink! Alcohol content 8%

In consultation with the manufacturer, we combined the fruits of the four seasons with sake, and realized a fruity taste that is easy to drink with no wrinkles and lightness. In addition, we adjusted the alcohol content to 8%, which is half that of regular sake, and made sake that can be used by those who are not good at drinking.

Selectable 4 flavors


Plum fragrant, sweet and easy to drink liqueur. Soda split and rock are delicious.


Naturally smiles on the sweetness of peach. Recommended for cocktails! !


Blend 2 types of Yuzu! Refreshing Yuzu flavor. Even hot on cold days!


The refreshing sweetness of white grapes is an adult taste. Recommended for aperitif!

The live voice of the judge of Amulet's "I like Coco!"

* Hoodex2019Gastronomy girls screening (including actress60Composed of famous gastronomic girls)
・ Clearness that is not too strong in alcohol even in a straight. People who can't drink seem to be easy to drink.
・ A place where there is no habit of sake, the melody is transmitted properly, and it is very fruity. In addition, the bottle of the package is fashionable and cute anyway. It seems to fit every scene.
・ The moment I picked it up, I realized it was a heart shape. It is a fashionable label and I thought it was perfect for a gift! I personally like spicy sake, but if you are not good at alcohol, I think it is a very easy to drink taste.
・ The scent of white grapes is very good. When you drink it, the fruit tastes good. It was delicious enough to feel easy to drink even straight. I did not notice until I actually had a package that looks good on photos, but I did not notice until I had it, but I also made a design with a heart shape that can not be pulled out.
・ Package is cute! The bottle is cute! Cheap! Sweet! Easy to drink! I think that even people who are not good at sake can drink jerky like a juice.Social MediaEasy to write word of mouth.
・ Cospa is very good and easy to buy. The taste is not liked by lovers of alcohol, but women can drink it when they want to drink a little.
・ Low alcohol, sweet fruit, and easy to drink. The bottle of ♡ is cute, so I want to give it to a friend for a wedding celebration.
・ It is sweet and not very high in alcohol. The package is fashionable and noticeable.
・ I want to drink like dessert. It looks like a beautiful dish with a stylish dish and a table, which will add to the scent.
・ Very fragrant! I don't think it's based on sake, but it's easy to drink, unlike wine! And this photogenic bottle ♡ might be a good gift when you call home! !
・ Easy price range. It looks gorgeous with a non-alcoholic design, so it seems like a party.
・ It has a good throat and is quite easy. The heart-shaped bottle is cute and easy to hold.4This set makes it a four-leaf clover type, so it is easy to take it with you as a gift and want to spread it to everyone.
・ Package and visual are good. Fruity. Easy to drink.1It can be drunk from a cup of kampai. Conversely, you can also go in the middle or 〆. (All-purpose!) You can drink even if you are not good at sake. Very fashionable.
・ Package with good women's appeal. It's going to be "Jake buying"!
・ It was easy to drink like juice and it was delicious. . The package is cute and alcohol8I think that it is good that it is%.
·cute. There is no discomfort at the table.
・ It is fruity and delicious enough to not be considered as sake. Plums and white grapes can also be selected according to the mood at that timeGood. The heart-shaped bottle is also cute, so I want to use it as a flower base even after drinking it.
・ The appearance and the heart of the bottle are very cute, so you will be pleased with the present. We thought that quantity and price were very good. The taste was gentle enough not to feel like sake and it was very easy to drink.
・ Sake-based but easy for women to drink. Good grape scent.
・ It has a very refined taste with a good aroma. I'm glad it's sweet but not too sweet.
・ Very easy to drink. I liked it very much without being too sweet. The bottle is very cute. Delicious taste that I want to buy even weak sake. Instant shine from the bottle! !
・ There is no alcohol smell at all and the fruit is firm and delicious. The bottles are also fashionable and look great on Instagram. Where can I buy it? It seems to be a topic.
-Fruity and very delicious, sweet but not too sweet, so it will go well with food. The price is good because you can try it easily and casually. Easier to drink because the alcohol content is 8% lower than sake. I don't think the package is stylish and uses sake, so the gap is good. The size may be easy to drink.
・ The bottle seal is cute. There is a commitment to design, good for gifts. Sweet and easy to drink. It is not a spice but a fruit juice.
・ First, I was captivated by the heart shape of the bottle. I want to buy all 4 types and enjoy them side by side. He himself is not good at sake, but he was very easy to drink and felt the freshness of the fruit. I think the naming of Amule is also cute. It is a liquor you want to have with fruit.
・ I am surprised to know that it is sake. It ’s easy to drink and it ’s crazy. The appearance is like a jam and it is fashionable.
・ Although the finish is alcohol, it is very fruity and easy to drink like juice! ! I can't drink wine, so I'm glad that white grape sake is new! ! The bottle is also fashionable and seems to be picked up.
・ Easy to drink. Chardonnay's package is cute. Good for gifts. There is a gap between 8% alcohol but easy to drink.
・ The bottle is hearty and cute. The fragrance of Muscat is also gorgeous. Taste that girls seem to like. I want to put it in a present.
・ I do not usually drink sake, but this was very easy and delicious! The package is also cute. I also care about other tastes.
・ It was a liquor that I wanted to enjoy drinking at home with a girl friend.
・ The overall level is high and the amount is appropriate. Chardonnay is good and sweet.
・ Package is cute. A taste that seems to be interesting for girls.
-Commitment is transmitted (bottle, design, concept). You can drink even if you are not good at alcohol.
・ It is too sweet for sake lovers but easy to drink. There is no habit peculiar to sake, and a wine glass seems to fit.
・ It is a sake-based liqueur that was not common except for plum wine, and may have originality. The fruit taste was solid and delicious.
・ Fruity and delicious. Also good for women who are not good at drinking.
・ Fragrant, fruity and delicious. The package is also good for women.
・ Very easy to drink. In a stylish bottle, it looks cool.
-Anyway the taste is delicious! It is easy to drink and does not feel like sake. Just for women! I want to buy it personally. I want to find a dealer.
・ It is good for gifts with a cute bottle design.
・ I think it's a cute bottle and it'll be good for women. Sake-based fruit liqueurs are often alcoholy or cracked, but very well made.

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