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What is [Phantom Sake Project]?

  1. Made from the best rice “Classic Koshihikari”
  2. Niigata terroir Sake making use of 3 regions

The liquor industry is a “phantom liquor” that requires high-cost, high-level technology that uses “best rice” that no one has ever challenged. We can make it successful for the first time with the generous efforts of the community and your support!

Charm of [Phantom Sake]

1. Best Rice “Tanada Classic Koshihikari”

Tanada's classic Koshihikari is characterized by its stickiness and strong umami, and if you are eating for the first time, you can eat it with a sizzle even if you don't have a side dish.

The rice in the terraced rice fields that grew up in the snowmelt water of Snow Country Niigata is clean water that does not contain any water for daily use.

In sake brewing, Koshihikari from Niigata, where no one has ever been able to challenge due to its high cost and lack of technical capabilities, has the potential to respond to “the most delicious sake”.

* Classical Koshihikari means Koshihikari. Unlike BL Koshihikari, which is resistant to rice blast in recent years, it is characterized by its “stickiness”. Although there is a deep-rooted fan because of its deliciousness, only less than 1% of Koshihikari is currently produced in Niigata Prefecture.

2. Niigata's 3 Sake Brewery Sake Terroir

Niigata's topography is long and its climate and food culture vary greatly from region to region. Therefore, in this project, we draw river water flowing in the 3 areas of Niigata and brew rice from the upstream rice terraces in the downstream brewery. The idea of ​​maximizing the individuality of the region by completing the materials and production within the region is called “terroir” in the wine industry.

■ Fermentation Town-Niigata City

Imayotsukasa Brewery (Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture) Founded in 1767, Imayotsukasa Brewery Co., Ltd. has long been known as a fermented food town in an area called Numatari, and has a long history. It has become.The characteristic of Imayotsuka Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. is that it is a pure rice brewery that does not use any alcohol for brewing, which is rare in Japan, and the brewery uses 100% natural spring water to make sake. I will.At the brewery, the products are straightforward, dignified, savvy, and stylish.We offer the concept of seasons, celebrations, jiuqu, and challenges, and you can receive easy-to-understand explanations even during a brewery tour. * 100% Classic Koshihikari is used (CL Koshihikari)

荳 玖 豬 √ 驥 荳 玖

Kinmasu Sake Brewery (Shibata City, Niigata Prefecture) The sake brewery "Kinmasu Sake Brewery" is located in Shibata City, Niigata Prefecture, and continues to brew many famous sakes.It was founded in 1822 (5th year of Bunsei), and the company name is derived from the store name "Kanemasu" from the time of its founding, "Measure the length with a scale and sell the quantity with a square" (accurate and honest manufacturing and business) That is.Kinmasu Sake Brewery has continued to make a number of locally loved sake using locally produced rice and high-quality water from the Iide Mountains.In 38, we started brewing sake in four seasons, the earliest in Japan, and in recent years we have been enthusiastic about advanced initiatives such as a collaboration event between sake and sweets under the name of "Masurakuza". * 100% Classic Koshihikari is used (CL Koshihikari)

縺 縺 縺 荳 荳 荳 雜 雁 慍 蛹

Kashiwaro Sake Brewery (Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture) For nearly 1751 years since its founding in 300, we have overcome the rough seas of history and inherited the tradition of Niigata local sake. In 1882, he took over the sake brewery Kashiwaya of the Nagaoka feudal lord Makino family, which is the origin of Kashiwaro, and inherited the family crest "Mitsukashi" and the product name "Kashiwaro". Continuing to maintain the attitude of "making delicious sake that is pleasing to many people" has become a sake that is loved by many people to this day, and is similar to the one that won the gold medal of the National New Sake Appraisal for the 27 sake brewing year. Probably.The Iide Mountain Range, Mikuni Mountains, and Tateyama Mountain Range bring abundant autumn fruits, and Nagaoka is at the center of it.The best environment for sake brewing is to keep the temperature low and stable by purifying the air with the accumulated snow. * The farmer who uses 100% BL Koshihikari is also a brewer, and the rice is grown with the utmost love as rice for sake.

・ 蟾 蟾

縲 仙 ケ サ 縺 縺 驟 驟 驟 邀 邀 縺 縺 縺 縺 縺 縺 縺 縺 縲 ∵ ゥ 滓 縲 ∵ ゥ 滓 縲 ∵ ゥ 滓 縲 ∵ ゥ 滓 縲 ∵ ゥ 滓 縲 ∵ ゥ 滓 "縲 ∵ ゥ 滓 縲 ∵ ゥ 滓 後 縺 縺 縺 縺 肇 蝨 肇 蝨 肇 蝨 譽 夂 譽 夂 譽 夂 譽 夂 譽 夂NUMER X X X X X X X X X X X X X縺 ヲ 縺 ∪ 縺 吶

Through the production of phantom sake, we are working to revive abandoned cultivated land and protect clean rivers and beautiful rice terraces.

螳 溯. 瑚 邏 ケ 莉

Project planner Shinichi Matsumoto, CEO of Phantom Sake Co., Ltd. SI SI NUMX

We, Phantom Sake Co., Ltd., are a sake specialty store in Niigata.I would like everyone in Japan to rediscover the deliciousness of Niigata sake!With that in mind, we are selling online specializing in local sake in Niigata.

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  • Customer Service / Six-Course Package “NUMX” 縲 音 蝓 溽 ”槭 槭
  • ・ "Named sake with anniversary newspaper" won the Good Design Award 2016 etc ...

縲 ケ 縺 縺 驟 驟 X 0 谿 谿

[Terraced rice field project XNUMXth] Tanada Classic Koshihikari Junmai Daiginjo, Iwao, which was challenged prior to this rice terrace project.Due to the limited production in small quantities, it will be almost sold out with this sale and the first-come-first-served benefit.

NUM NUMX 繝 磯 騾  縺 騾  縺 縲 縲 縲 縲 育 育 育 育 育 育 育 NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM

The moment I had the cup for the first time, I was surprised, "Is it really sake?"The pungent brewed alcohol odor peculiar to sake is almost zero, and it has an elegant soft scent.

縺 昴 @ 縺 ヲ 鬟 薙 薙 薙 鬩 壹 縺 縺 縺 縺 縺 縺 蝟 蝟 蝟 蝟 蝟 縲 縲 縲 @ 縲

While firmly feeling the original taste of nostalgic rice, you can feel the taste like a sled that keeps sliding on a fresh snow field forever.

The young wife of a farmer who is not good at sake also said, "It's easy to drink!"He is a famous actor who complements any meal while having the taste of the leading role.

仙 仙 偵 偵 偵 偵 縲 縲 阪 阪 阪 謗 謗 謗 謗 謗 謗 謗 謗 謗 謗

  • NUM 縲 謌 謌 NUMX 蟷 エ 28 怦 蜿 怦 蜿 怦 蜿 謗 霈
  • 壽 壽 壽 壽 壽 壽 壽 縲 謌 謌 NUM NUM NUMX 蟷 エ 28 譛 NUMX 譌 譌 霈
  • 隱 隱 蟷 エ 謌 謌 謌 NUMX 蟷 エ 28 譛 NUMX 譌 譌 霈
  • 帝 帝 帝 帝 譁 呎 譁 呎 譁 呎 譁 呎 謌 謌 NUM NUM NUMX 蟷 エ 28 譛 NUMX 譌 霈 霈

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