Japanese sake Junmai Daiginjo “Yoshito Meiwa” 720ml (with paulownia box)

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About Yoshito Meiwa

When the time was Meiwa, the tenth shogun in Edo, and Tanuma Okitsugu, a servant of Ieharu Tokugawa, was in charge of the politics of the shogunate, in Echigo Nagaoka, the townspeople who were in need of oppression of the domain There was a figure.In a life that I couldn't see tomorrow, there was a man who stood up to save them by watching the people falling down one after another.The man's name is "Wakuito Shiro".He is a man who is later oral traditions among the townspeople and geisha as "Meiwa Yoshito".

Meiwa 5 (1768) Niigata City was part of Nagaoka Pass as a port town. Due to the great famine from the previous year, we paid half of the 1500 that we had to pay to Nagaoka, but we couldn't generate the remaining half. The townspeople asked for extra payment. Around this time, the crops were all bad, and there were almost no boats in and out of Niigata Port. Living supplies such as rice soared, and the lives of the townspeople were very difficult. Therefore, I begged for a postponement of money, but I couldn't accept it because I had a hard time with Sakai's finances.

About Yoshito Meiwa

The Niigata merchant, Toshiro Yukai, stood up at this time. We called on merchants with the same opinions and thoughts throughout Niigata to submit a petition for extended payments for such absurd money. However, it became known to the Niigata Town Office where the movement was not good and Toshiro was imprisoned. More than 1000 townspeople who knew that Toshiro was imprisoned, rebelled violently, uprising on the early bell, breaking down the town halls and merchant shops that had troubled the townspeople by buying rice It was. The ministry tried to subdue the movement of the people by shooting even the guns, but after failing and out of control, the town bureau finally freed Toshiro Toshiro. The released Toshiro sang the townspeople who were trying to break down to the congregation as they were, and held the people together, and this large glance was finally settled.

It is a storytelling of Niigata Furumachi and Geisha.

After the uproar, Niigata townspeople established the people's autonomy by the townspeople, centering on Toshiro. Toshiro tried to restore the order of the town on behalf of the town hall by lowering prices, prohibiting the purchase of rice, and setting nights. Nagaoka Akira resumed the town administration management by the town hall, but eventually it did not go well, accepted the demands of the townspeople, and had to leave the control of Niigata Town to Toshiro and others. For about 2 months, Niigata Town has made it possible for the townspeople to form their own organization, and to see the example of the town administration running by the townspeople alone.

Independent management continued, but the townspeople's self-government was repressed by Nagaoka Satoshi's plan, and on the 7 month 8 day of Meiwa 25, Toshiro was charged with all the blame. (Hebei) was beheaded after being routed around the city. The head of Toshiro was exposed to traffic, but it was reported that a woman who benefited from Toshiro Sakurai stole the eyes of the officer, took the neck and secretly buried it. It was 174 years after death when Kuchino Shrine was built as a god to fight for them, calling them “Maywa Yoshito”.

The only brewery in Niigata that only brews pure rice sake

Founded in Kansei 9 (1797).Tajimaya Heikichi ran an inn business under the name of Tajimaya in 12 Bancho, Mecca of Furumachi Geiko.At times, the main character of Yoshito Niigata, Toshiro Yui, was the first in the world to self-govern in the 5th year of Meiwa (1768), and 29 years later, he was founded in the same neighborhood of Mecca of Furumachi Geiko.Among the Furumachi geisha, the story of Yoshito Meiwa, who was the parent's generation, has become a narrative and continues to the present day.It is said that the background is none other than the achievements of the Tajimaya of the first Heikichi and the high-class long-established restaurant, which is said to be the popular Niigata Misanke.In Furumachi, which inherited the culture of Furumachi Geiko, the 6th generation Heikichi expanded into the fields of liquor-providing food and beverage and liquor sales, and Niigata's local liquor, and the 30th generation Heikichi is now in 1897. I started the sake brewing industry in the land of Numadare.

Because the best water for this swamp is coming out, 3 sake breweries that were good friends and rivals were lined up side by side. “Imadai Tsuji Brewery”, “Itagaki Sake Brewery”, “Okubo Sake Brewery” brewing Meiwa Yoshito. Currently, it is the only one of the present generation. Mr. Yoshitaro Taro Yamamoto, who is now in the 9 generation, has gone out to gosen city because he has lost good water due to the Niigata earthquake. In addition, Niigata is the only brewery that does not add any brewing alcohol to all the sake it produces, and it is the only 1500 brewery in the country that has only 16 breweries. The name of “Hirayoshi”, which was inherited from the first generation, still has “Hira” written on the cap of Imadai's sake crown, and its history remains as a brand of sake.

The spirit inherited by Junmaizo and the ultimate essence

The people of Niigata thought that Toshiro and others were "people who were killed unreasonably even though they worked for the town", secretly held it, and handed down this incident to future generations as a proud history. This is a story of the feudal era 100 years before the “Paris Commune”, which is said to be the world's first public autonomy, and we are very proud of the Niigata townspeople who organized town autonomy. The

And when we think of people who are trying to create a vibrant town with the power of the citizens of the prefecture, as if in response to the current era when decentralization of local autonomy is called for independence, and even in our warehouse. When I saw the brewers stubbornly working hard to make sake, I could not help feeling the passionate soul and spirit that they inherited from generation to generation.We hope that you will enjoy this Junmai Daiginjo with such a history and passion, and with a burning feeling.Imayotsuka Sake Brewery Co., Ltd .: Brewer Yoshitaro Yamamoto

“Maywa Yoshito Label: Mr. Masashi Hizaka”

The label for Yoshito Meiwa is by the author, Masashi Hiizaka.

Masashi Hisaka: Writer Born in Niigata City in 1956.Graduated from Waseda University Faculty of Commerce.Professor Masashi Hisaka: Tenchijin Original author Debuted as a writer in 1988 with "Kagetsu Hidden Fist".He has a good reputation for his vigorous writer's activities based on new historical materials, and has created a new style in the historical novel world."Zenshu" that sheds light on the "monsters" who supported the Sengoku warlords behind the scenes, "The Gate of Hasho" that depicts the wealthy merchant Imai Sokyu, and "The Chancellor of Kuroko" that depicts Ieyasu Tokugawa's staff, Takanori Kinjiin. Active mainly in numerous historical and historical novels. The historical novel "Heaven and Earth" (NHK Publishing), which was serialized 2005 times in the morning edition of Niigata Nippo until April 4 and depicts Kanetsugu Naoe, a famous warlord, will be the original work of the 460 NHK Taiga drama.

Comment from a liquor

This time, for the first time, I went to Niigata for a sake drink, and the phantom liquor called “I was waiting for the teacher” and “Teacher” for the first time. I understood well.

Pour this sake, chilled in the refrigerator, into a glass that looks like summer, and immediately make sake. In addition to the hemp work, the clothes are also liquor in a cool environment, so I will refuse in advance that there is a slight bias.

The incense that slowly squeezes out from the glass has a memorable richness, and then spreads slowly from the nose to the entire face like a smoke, reminiscent of an era without a clock. In order to drink the sake, it was a little bit in the mouth and the incense was sucked together. “First comes with a crispness and guts.” This rice-only sake spreads the strong taste of rice from your tongue. It seems to be a pure rice sake for Niigata people who played the soft and flexible temperament of Niigata townspeople with the stubbornness of Echigo coffee craftsmen.

Whether this liquor claims the taste of rice or the fragrance cannot be judged with the first bite, and after the second bite, the taste of the sake returning from the back is “wrapped in the rough seas of the Sea of ​​Japan. I thought that Snow Country Niigata, which was blessed with resources, was a masterpiece of the port town Niigata that was reflected in sake.

Verification ingredients

  • ・ Natural sashimi, sweet shrimp, yellowtail, true die
  • ・ Yakitori skin / red / white (salt)
  • ・ Yakiniku (Tortilla) Beef, cabbage, carrot, vermicelli wrapped in crepe
  • ・ Marinated summer vegetables (eggplant, nanban, onion, yellow pepper, asparagus, cherry tomato)
  • ・ Simmered food (radish, konjac, chikuwa (fish meat), carrot)
  • ・ Kiriboshi Daikon ・ Kiriboshi Daikon ・ Konbu ・ Ginseng
  • ・ Sakura Shrimp Kakiage Tempura
  • ・ Fried egg wrapped in walnuts

■ Natural Niigata Sashimi Sweet Shrimp, Yellowtail, Shindai

Unique to Niigata, I started with a combination of sashimi.Initially, I was planning to eat sashimi with salt from Sado, but I said, "It's natural to get good results," so I added general soy sauce for verification.At the beginning, in addition to the freshness of sweet shrimp, the umami entwined with soy sauce goes well with Junmaishu and is very delicious.Next, I eat Sado's true Thai summer yellowtail and sake. (* Niigata's summer yellowtail is characterized by its assassination, and cold yellowtail is characterized by its fat.) It drowns out the strength of soy sauce in your mouth and you can enjoy the "umami" slowly. [Shindai ★ × XNUMX, Summer Yellowtail ★ × XNUMX, Sweet Shrimp ★ × XNUMX +] Next time, I wanted to try cold yellowtail.

■ Yakiniku (Tortilla) Beef, cabbage, carrot, vermicelli wrapped in crepe

I tried to drink it with the image of sake during meals, but I didn't think it would suit the meat system so much.I would like to mention that what I found by trying this time was the second best brand in combination with yakiniku, considering the considerable number of sake I have used so far.However, this Junmaishu is more likely to be combined with fish, so if you are unsure about how to cook it, I would like to ask you to combine it with Sachi from the Sea of ​​Japan side.

■ Yakitori Skin / Red / White (Salt)

Originally it might have been better to verify with sauce, but I chose salt for yakitori because I used soy sauce for sashimi verification first.Did the phantom sakes also drink sake in advance? "I chose salt, too," said Gen-san, who seemed to understand what was delicious.Around this time, the entrance examination is probably a group called Rishu ...I sprinkled a lot of salt on the yakitori and checked the combination.What kind of expression is there other than deliciousness in the perfect balance of salt and sake that sticks to your mouth? In terms of points, red (liver) XNUMX points, white XNUMX points, and skin XNUMX points are perfect.

■ Sakura Shrimp Kakiage Tempura

This is a verification of bringing out the delicious tempura that is famous in Niigata. (This tempura is a XNUMX yen item in the local Niigata area.) Let's have a drink while enjoying the aroma of shrimp with a big cheek.Junmaishu poured the oil from the tempura, and I was able to enjoy the fragrance of Sakura shrimp from my nose to the back of my mouth.The power of the ingredients is great, but Niigata sake should have a climate that matches the ingredients of Niigata.Please enjoy the combination with tempura regardless of the sakura shrimp.Since we have continuously verified heavy ingredients, we have made them lighter.

■ Marinated summer vegetables (eggplant, nanban, onion, yellow pepper, asparagus, cherry tomato)

A side dish that is served in a stylish bowl with ingredients that have a little sourness due to dressing.This pure rice sake and the taste of the dish are completely mixed, so you can enjoy it with sake while chewing gently.It's great that sake didn't drown out the delicate vegetable taste until the end! [XNUMX points] For some reason, I wasn't impressed by the single combination with tomatoes, so minus XNUMX points]

■ Simmered food (radish, konjac, chikuwa (fish meat), carrot)

Chikuwa, carrots, and radishes, which contain a lot of broth, have the effect of enhancing the taste of the ingredients, and konjac was a side dish that enhances the deliciousness of the rice in the sake itself.Sake that is delicious with a smooth konjac texture is a staple for making happy moments, but it is really delicious.

■ Kiriboshi Daikon, Kiriboshi Daikon, Kelp, Carrot

Recently, the number of homes that make Kiriboshi daikon at home has decreased, which may be a trend of the times, but I'm a little disappointed.In the old days, if you had sake and this dish, you could say that it was a luxurious drink.The crunchy texture and deep, simple taste should be one of the good side dishes of sake that should not be changed even though the times have changed.It's delicious enough to drink up a bottle with just this.

■ Fried egg wrapped in walnuts

It is an omelet wrapped in walnuts, but the taste of walnuts is sweet and delicious, and it can be said that it is an old sweet that is worth about XNUMX modern cakes in the era when sugar could not be eaten freely, immediately after the war.Is delicious.The combination of this dish and this Junmaishu is just right for dessert, and it gave me a childish feeling as well as the happiness of eating a fine dessert in Paris.

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