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The vintage treasured sake “since” is “I want you to know the goodness of“ long-term aged sake ”, which is still not well-known in sake.” Shins was created from the spirit of such a liquor store and sake brewery. This time, we prepared 1998 types of sake that were brewed in 1999 and 2.

This is a proposal for “vintage Japanese sake” that has been aged at low temperatures for a long time in 20 years in a brewery storage that is not available in the market.

As a “congratulation for adults”, it is also ideal for celebrations such as anniversaries related to 20 vintage sake that can be toasted by parents and children.

“Since 1999” is a Daiginjo brew using Yamada Nishiki, which has been brewed in 10 and will be stored for 1999 annually in 2019. Nakagawa Sake Brewery sake with a light and dry taste and a slightly yellow clear color. <About taste> What is very interesting is that the taste changes rapidly with temperature. It feels very dry when chilled. The aroma is gentle, but the refreshing taste of the mouth is outstanding with a refreshing sharp taste! When brewing at room temperature, the taste becomes very mild, the taste changes to sweet, and Ginjo incense passes through the nose so that the flower opens. It is a liquor that is easy to match from seafood dishes such as scallop butter saute to meat dishes.

Aged old sake since1999 Daiginjo treasured sake: 720ml

“Since 20” is a brewed sake that has been stored for about 1999 years in a low-temperature storage brewery. It is a superb gem with great care of Mr. Tsuji. Please enjoy this mellow and full-bodied long-term low-temperature aging liquor.
Raw rice
: Domestic Yamada Nishiki
Yeast used
: —
Rice polishing rate
: 38%
: 18 degree
Production area
: Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture
Mr. Tsuji
: Mr. Echigo
製造 元
: Nakagawa Brewery Co., Ltd.