Japanese sake Junmai Daiginjo "Oath of Taoyuan" 720ml (boxed)

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Nature-rich Niigata warehouse surrounded by mountains and springs

Ofuku Sake Brewery was established as "Kishigoro Shoten" by its founder, Mr. Kishigoro, in September 30.The sake brewery is located about 1897 km southeast of the center of Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture, and is built at the foot of the Nagaoka Higashiyama Mountains, which is filled with abundant forests and clear natural fresh water.The Kishi family is a Warimoto Shoya that has been around since the Horeki era in the middle of the Edo period, and even now, more than 9 years later, there is still a large thatched-roof main building that reminds us of that time.The conversion to the brewing industry was triggered by the fact that Mr. Goro Seki, a brewing engineer and brewing researcher who was very rare at the time, was welcomed to the Kishi family as his son.

Awarded the first brewing award for the brewing industry for his great influence on brewing nationwide.

Goro studied fermentation and brewing at the Department of Applied Science at Tokyo Institute of Technology (currently Tokyo Institute of Technology). After graduating, he worked as a brewing engineer in Saitama Prefecture, while continuing his research on brewing water processing and pure yeast culture. As a culmination of this, we published a special book on sake brewing called “Jyokai Shugyoku”, the first in Japan in Meiji 27. This “Keikai Jintama” is the first sake brewing bible in Japan that explains sake brewing that relied solely on Mr. Tsuji's intuition from a chemical point of view. In particular, brewing water processing research has made it possible to quickly brew sake using soft water, add lactic acid to the production of sake mothers, eliminate wild yeast, succeed in pure culture of suitable yeast, and prevent forgery that was feared at the time. Making it possible has created a big whirlwind in the brewing world. This technology was later named “Yasuka Moto” and is currently used in approximately 85% of breweries nationwide.
In recognition of these achievements, founder Goro Kishi worked as a lead judge and chief council member of the 1st National Sake Fair held by the Brewing Association, the predecessor of the current National Sake Appraisal. Was awarded the first national brewing technology 16 certification sponsored by the Jyuyukai and the first brewing industry yellow award in Showa 1. In addition, the original of this brewery pick-up that is said to have gathered all of the technology of the founder Kishi Goro has escaped the war and is currently stored in the National Library, but in the Showa 33 year the current 57 president Tomio Kishi Reprinted under the name of “Sake Brewery Tomoko”. After publishing the “Brew World Pickup”, the origin of Fuku Sake Brewery is still in the “Brew World Pickup” even now, more than 4 centuries. ”

The spirit of brewing first since the founding

Showa 24 year 9 month, reorganized from Kishigoro Shoten Co., Ltd. to Fuku Shuzo Co., Ltd. This seems to have been implemented with the intention of switching from the place of the first sake goro brewing research institute to the liquor manufacturing institution, but in fact it seemed that sake brewing was more dominant than business.
Goro's next research topic was to improve the improvement of yellow koji mold and yeast by realizing soft water preparation by processing brewing water and preventing rot by developing quick brewing. In particular, for soy seeds, we developed a well-balanced soy sauce that is the original form of our current soy seeds, and achieved sales through partnerships with currently active soy seed companies, so that only hard rice can be obtained. In the days when they did not, they left the achievements of producing high-quality koji and came to acquire the sole general agent for all brewing companies in Niigata Prefecture. In addition, a sterile culture room was established in the prefecture in Showa 25, and self-cultured yeast has been adopted since the time when association yeast was mainstream. At that time, the culture room dedicated to yeast rarely welcomed many visitors from the major tax brewing maker, the National Tax Agency.

Brewing is a live theater. The spirit of being inherited and the efforts to win numerous gold awards

Even after the death of Mr. Goro, the passion for sake brewing passed down to the years of 38. “Brewing is a live theater, its incredible change, the ultimate place.” This is a word that Goro said, and it was decided not to press the yeast by extreme low-temperature fermentation and to grow the yeast. Rather than keeping it under management, it is the role of Mr. Tatsumi, the parent of sake brewing, to correct each time. Also, at the time of commercialization, the use of activated carbon was kept to a minimum and the original taste of sake was valued, and the quality of sake that leaves a pleasant and elegant sweetness so that you can enjoy the happiness of drinking without getting tired. Is from.
Amid the spicy boom that has continued since Showa 60, this manufacturing method, without changing the taste, sticking to the principle of sake brewing, won numerous gold awards at the National New Sake Review, and also at the Kanto Shinetsu Sake Review Has been awarded the gold medal of the times. In Heisei 52, “Ofuku Masamune Gin no Hana Junmai Daiginjo won the prestigious 8 place at the World Sake Festival (in London)” In recognition of his achievements, he was awarded the second honorary award of Fukushu Shuzo. In Heisei 5, Fukumasamune Daiginjo Sake Sake Toboi Sake won the first prize in the “Spring National Liquor Competition” Ginjo category. High quality brewing water (spring water from the Echigo Nagaoka Higashiyama mountain system horizontal well) and high-quality rice (Yamada Nishiki, 500 million stones, Ipponkan, etc.) that has been carefully examined are made in the cold season and consistently high Trusted to continue producing quality sake. Sake quality that cherishes the original taste of sake, is mellow and does not drip. The name “Ofuku Masamune”, the representative brand, was named as a sake that brings happiness to the extent that it can be enjoyed enough to drink at any age.

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