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Japanese Sake Rouge Super Special Daiginjo 35 720ml

Polished Yamada Nishiki, a rice suitable for brewing, up to 35% and using the entire amount. Daiginjo sake born from long-term low-temperature fermentation. Please enjoy the gorgeous fragrance, delicate and deep taste and refreshing back mouth

Kitayuki YK35 Japanese sake Daiginjo 720ml (boxed)

The gorgeous scent is like a fresh lychee and is wrapped in a soft fruity scent. The elegant drinking mouth has a slight sweetness and is finished in a high-class dryness that disappears into the throat very refreshingly. A beautiful sake that feels like a refreshing sensation after drinking delicious water. If you take it out of the refrigerator, open the tap, start drinking immediately, and drink it after touching the air a little, I think that people who do not drink so much can understand the change in taste. It is an exquisite sake that will let you know the depth of sake at the same time. The name YK35 means “Y” of Nishida Yamada used for sake rice, “K” of K9 of Kumamoto Yeast, 35% high-milled rice. There was a jinx called “YK35”. From Kitayuki Sake Brewery HP-Refined Yamada Nishiki, which is optimally brewed for rice, contracted in Sado Island, to 35%, hand-made Daiginjo sake born from long-term low-temperature fermentation using kojiki and kojibuta is. Please enjoy the delicious fragrance, delicate taste, and light back mouth that are unique to Daiginjo.

Kitayuki YK35 Sake Daiginjo "Shin" 720ml (boxed)

We have refined Yamada Nishiki from Hyogo Prefecture, which is suitable for sake brewing, to 35%, and squeezed handmade Daiginjo YK35 (upper tank) born by long-term low-temperature fermentation using a high-speed centrifuge without using a sake bag. This is Ginjo. Please enjoy the gorgeous ginjo incense and the soft taste while keeping the umami flavor. “High-speed centrifugation” is not the process of squeezing ordinary moromi in sake bags (cloth bags), but the best squeezing that can be considered at present to eliminate any stress and prevent deterioration and oxidation. In addition, the centrifuged sake is instantly bottled, bottled, and stored refrigerated.