We would like to deliver the sake and excitement produced in Niigata as gifts to people all over the country.

There are 90 sake breweries in rice, water and sake in Niigata, and each is committed to making sake. That is why many of the brewed sake have been loved by the locals for a long time. In addition to famous sake that has become popular nationwide, Niigata has a lot of delicious sake that can be called art, but most of it ends up with local consumption. Niigata's rice, thaw water, blessed climate and excellence of Mr. Echigo's excellence in the skill and excitement of the sake produced by people all over the country I'm focusing on producing. Definitely hand-crafted taste, strength, richness ...
I would like to thank the local Niigata for the blessings of the land and deliver it to the whole country as an impressive gift.

Company Overview

Trade name Phantom Sake Co., Ltd.
[Maboroshinosake Co., Ltd.]
Establishment 2000/12
Capital 46,000,000 Yen
Office [Headquarters] 〒 951-8131
Niigata Chuo-ku Hakusanura 2 chome 1 No. 28
Export results [UK, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, France, Singapore, Russia, Azerbaijan] (as of 2020 in 7)
Bengali language
Chinese (simplified)
Chinese (Traditional)
Greek language
タイ 語

Business description

We are actively using crowdfunding, which collects support money from supporters, so that practitioners can create something new in the world.
Crowdfunding implementation list

Niigata Terroir Tanada Classic Koshihikari Junmai Daiginjo

End: Shipped on the day of squeezing “Yuki Shizuku Sake 3”

A special vintage sake `` since '' stored in 20 years
since (synth) 1998  since (synth) 1999

Wholesale business B2B

HANABIAmuleIntroductory video (B2B)
This timeAmule fruit liqueur
In FOODEX gastronomy girl Award 2019Gold awardDid

Directions and Parking

Phantom Sake Headquarters
Sake EC's own website
951-8131, Hakusanura, Chuo-ku, Niigata, Niigata
TEL: 025-378-2631 FAX: 025-378-2632


2000/12 Established Phantom Sake Co., Ltd.
2001/3 EC store opened in Rakuten Ichiba [company code 4755]
2001/4 Head office site opened
2005/5 Opened an EC store in Yahoo! [Corporate code 4689]
2007/9 Named sake business for 60th birthday celebration started
2008/8 EC opened in Bidders [Corporate Code 2432] * Currently changed to au Wowma!
2008/9 Started business with Shady [Corporate Code 8048]
2009/5 Capital increase to 4600 10,000 yen
2012/2 SME IT management practice certified company
January 2012 Estore 2012 Summer Awarded 1 in the drink category nationwide
2014/3 Estore net shop grand prize 2013 year Niigata prefecture famous store gold medal
2015/3 Estore net shop grand prize 2014 year Niigata prefecture famous store gold medal
2016/7 Rakuten EXPO Award 2016 Regional Special Product Award
2016/9 "Named sake with anniversary newspaper" won the Good Design Award 2016
2019/3 “Amule Fruit Liqueur” Chardonnay won the Gold Award at the FOODEX Gourmet Women's Award 2019