Let's take history one step ahead with us!

Phantom Sake Co., Ltd. is looking for colleagues who have the same aspiration and can work while growing together.

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Know the company

What kind of company is “Phantom Sake”?
We will keep you open as much information as possible.


Kredo is a Latin word for "belief" and is "a statement of corporate beliefs and action guidelines." Phantom Sake creates this credo in-house, recognizes that this credo is the top priority for all staff to work, and conducts daily work based on the content of the credo.

* PDF data cannot be printed for copyright protection reasons.

Management policy

Although there is a part that overlaps with the contents written on Kuredo, Phantom Sake has the following five management policies. This policy supports the foundations of phantom sake, including ideas from the time of its establishment and items that are consistent with the business content of the mail order division.

    1. By making customers happy with our products, there are gross profits, resulting in pay and bonuses.
    2. If you can't make it by courier due to a mistake of our company, it will be delivered by Shinkansen if it is in time.
    3. It goes up if the performance is good. If bad, it goes down.
    4. The spirit of Shio Musubi is the starting point, no matter how much you earn, company cars are light cars.
    5. Do not act to hinder people's growth opportunities.

Inside the company

* Lunch barbecue at the company parking lot

(Wholesale B2B overseas exhibition H30 year 7 month 17 ~ 19 Singapore)
* This time, we are looking for EC business.

Employment rules and regulations

You can see the working rules of Phantom Sake Co., Ltd. and various regulations related to business in PDF format.
(* PDF data cannot be printed for copyright protection reasons.)