Q1. Why can't I receive an order confirmation email?

Please contact us by e-mail or phone. If you have spam settings, we ask you to register your domain.

◆ About email from our shop

Letter envelope and letters MAIL

In our shop, we will contact you by e-mail for orders and inquiries. Also, during busy seasons such as Father's Day and New Year's Day, replies may be delayed than usual due to the concentration of orders, but as a general rule, emails will be sent within 1 business days. However, some mailers and mailers may not receive e-mails. If you do not receive them, please contact us (TEL: 025-378-2631).

◆ Please check your spam mail box.

In addition, even if the customer has not set the spam mail, there are many cases where it is automatically distributed to the spam mail by the setting of the provider. As a precaution, please check your junk mail box.

◆ Request for domain registration

If you have spam settings,@ maboroshinosake.com Please register your domain. * If you receive an email error when sending an email from our store to the customer, you may be contacted to the phone number you received at the time of order.

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Q2. I'd like to send my husband / wife with my husband's name (I want to change the orderer).

You can also change your name.

The word red change is written in the red frame

Please fill in the remarks column in the shopping cart when ordering. Of course, joint names are also possible.

(Example) Shopping is the name of your wife (I), but the giver is your husband and the recipient is your manager's boss. Such.
*If you would like to change it by email, please write "Orderer's name" in the body of the email or in the subject line. (If you know the order number, please include the order number together)

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Q3. What happens if I purchase a stock item and a stock item at the same time?

It will be delivered after all products are available.

Warehouse with barrels lined up

If you have purchased several sakes at the same time, and the brewery products are mixed, the products will be delivered and will be shipped when all the products are ready. In addition, if you wish to ship stock items in advance and order items after they arrive, including free shipping items,Separate shipping for 1We have received.

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Q4. I would like to specify a delivery company.

A delivery trader becomes "Yu-Pack" or "Yamato Transport".

Illustration of a courier truck and its courier

I'm sorry. All shipments at our shop (excluding receipts/statements), "Yu-Pack" or "Yamato Transport".

Please note that we cannot accept designation of other delivery companies.

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Q5. Please tell me the business hours.

Internet orders are accepted for 24 hours.

◆ Our business days

AM9: Characters that are in business from 6:XNUMX to XNUMX:XNUMX

Our store opening hours are from 9 hours to 6 hours except holidays, Saturdays and Sundays. Internet orders are accepted in 24 hours, so please feel free to use them.

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Q6. Please tell me about the payment method. Can I use a credit card?

Payment methods are as follows.

  • ・Card payment
  • ・Electronic payment
  • ·Bank transfer
  • ・Cash on delivery
  • ·convenience store

▼ Credit cards are handled by the following cards.

  • ・ VISA
  • ・ MASTER
  • ・ JCB
  • ・ AMEX
  • ・ Diners

▼ We accept electronic payment.

  • ・Amazon Pay
  • ・Rakuten Pay
  • ・Mobile Eddy
  • ・Compatible with Rakuten Bank

▼ Cash on delivery

  • ·Yu-Pack
  • ·Kuroneko Yamato

※The fee isSeparate 330 yentakes.

▼Payable convenience store

  • ·Lawson
  • ・ Family Mart
  • ・Ministop
  • ・Daily store

*Convenience store payment feeSeparate 330 yentakes.
* Seven-Eleven is not available.
* It may take 3 to 7 days from the arrival of the transfer form to the completion of payment.

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For those who have questions not covered above

please feel free to contact us.025-378-2631Reception hours 9: 00-18: 00 [Saturdays, Sundays and holidays excluded]