Anniversary celebration chart

An age chart for [now] anniversaries.
It is summarized in an easy-to-read table so that the age of celebration can be seen at a glance.

* The list is displayed as "Age"

celebration Full age [kotoshi] Target year of birth
Sixtieth birthday 60 [60]
Green 66 [66]
Kouki 70 [70]
77 Years of age 77 [77]
Umbrella life 80 [80]
Yoneju 88 [88]
Life expectancy 90 [90]
Shirasu 99 [99]
One hundred years 100 [100]


Previous celebrations were held in "counting years", but with the timesNowadays, it is often done at "full age"For this reason, the above table is displayed as "aged".Depending on the region and customs, it may still be held in the "counting year".