Story manga that presents a name-added sake with a newspaper of the day born in celebration of 80

Outline of the name of the yellow bottle

Surprise overview of newspapers 80 years ago

Anniversary newspaper image

The day I became grandpa for the first time
Memories of those days that my father spent.
The days I spent meeting my mom.That moment in some life.
What happened on the day your dad was born?When was I born?With a "Memorial Newspaper" where you can hear such conversations, we will do the best production with only one sake.

date of birth?
wedding anniversary?
Or is it?

I will give you a memory day.That day is also the most memorable day in my life.What happened in the world on such a day?The anniversary newspaper is a hot topic.

Mochiron ♪
Besides the day of birth
Lots of surprises.

Any time, any date!
Anniversary newspaper
"From 1874 to today"I will prepare it.

Utility model registration certificate

★ Original that is not found in other stores.
Named sake with newspaper has already acquired a utility model!
It is a completely original product of phantom sake that is not found in other stores!
Utility model registration certificate: 3150913

Image of planning a surprise

Details of shochu and an overview of gold leaf

Fruity and refreshing shochu

Authentic shochu made from freshly squeezed pure rice sake lees in a single-distiller. From the freshly squeezed sake lees with plenty of flavor components, a fruity and refreshing fragrance is fully extracted by distillation. With a refreshing aftertaste and freshness, you can enjoy the elegant aroma of fruits like green apples and pears.

Image of gold leaf

Directed by gold leaf!
The sake brewed by Kuramoto is all gorgeous even when poured into a glass. The gorgeous sparkling pure gold leaf and the scent of liquor make you really drunk.

Image of sake to be delivered

Shortest delivery time Delivery is possible from the next day

After receiving your orderNext day to 5 daysIt will be delivered at.

If you choose bank transfer for payment, we will accept it after confirming payment.
Customers with a designated shipping date will be shipped 2-3 days in advance with plenty of time, and will be stored at the nearest TA-Q-BIN center and delivered on the designated date.

れ 注 文 か ら 納 品 ま ま で 流 れ

This product is completely made-to-order, and we will prepare an anniversary newspaper, name label, and liquor after sending the "order confirmation email" from our shop, so we cannot accept cancellation after the email from our shop.

To customers in a hurry

The time required for 2 to 5 days as explained above is the approximate number of days it will take to order the newspaper.
If you do not attach a newspaper, it can be shipped the same day or the next day..
We are sorry, but the price of the product itself does not change even if you do not attach the newspaper.
* Newspapers are closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays, so newspapers can only be ordered on weekdays.
* Weekday noon is the closing time, so if you order in the morning on weekdays, it will be shipped the next day.
(Example) Whether you order on Friday night or Monday morning, the anniversary newspaper will be ordered on Tuesday at the earliest.

Tung box packaging We will deliver it in paulownia box packaging and furoshiki packaging!

Sake and anniversary newspapers are packaged in a luxurious paulownia box.
We will deliver it wrapped in a furoshiki. (Free of charge)

Gift wrapping and Noshi are all free services.We will deliver it in packaging, whether it is delivered directly or by hand.

About delivery note etc.
When delivering directly to the other party as a gift,
Not to mention receipts, invoices, and other items for which the price is known.
We will deliver it without specifying the name of our shop at all.
Customers who wish to receive a receipt will be sent by mail separately.

* If you wish, we will also attach a message card!
Sorry for your inconvenience, but please contact us by e-mail, phone, fax, etc. regarding the text of the message card.

The actual wrapping state of the product in a paulownia box and wrapped in a purple furoshiki made in Japan

Label sample list (label example)

Example of reference sample for examining the original name label that matches the situation

The sample introduced above is a common example of ordering.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other requests such as description method (color, arrangement). (The more detailed you are, the more helpful it will be)

In addition, for customers who want to check the label before delivery, such as when delivering directly from our shop to the destination, PC mail, mobile mail. There is also a label confirmation service by fax etc. (Free service only for customers who wish)
If you wish, please tell us when you place an order.

Regarding characters, ordinary kanji and other kana, alphanumeric characters, symbols, etc. can be described.Old kanji, family crests, company logos, etc. can also be written.

The sake display at the bottom right and the company name at the left end can be deleted or changed.Please be assured that the official ingredient list, brewer, etc. will be displayed on the back of the bottle. (The company name on the left and the ingredient display on the lower right may be deleted without notice, considering the overall balance.)

If you have any questions about the characters or descriptions, please feel free to contact us. TEL: 0120-036-080

About Memorial Day Newspaper

Surprise feeling summary when opening the location of the anniversary newspaper

Anniversary newspaper image

Original not found in other stores!

Named sake with newspaper has already acquired a utility model!
It is a completely original product of phantom sake that is not found in other stores!
Utility model registration certificate: 3150913

Utility model registration certificate

  1. The newspaper is the morning or evening edition of the Yomiuri Shimbun.Print one side in monochrome (A3 size)It was done.
  2. On the back side, we will attach an original chronological table that describes the 20-year social situation starting from the year you desire. (If you would like a newspaper from 30, it will be the content that describes the social situation from 30 to 49.)
    * If the chronological table is less than 20 years, such as last year's date, it will be printed retroactively.
  3. Anniversary newspapers will be delivered in a special envelope.
  4. Depending on the storage condition of the original, some characters and photos may be faint or the image quality may be poor.Especially in old newspapers and during the war, there are some pages that are difficult to read other than headlines.
  5. About closed days
    If the morning edition is closed, please read the evening edition.If both morning and evening editions are closed, print the next day's pageI will do it.In addition, it should be notedIf it is a holiday, we will contact you in advance.その際、日付変更も可能At that time, the date can be changedHowever, if there is no particular request or reply, we will deliver the next day's date according to the regulations.
  6. Anniversary Memorial Newspaper is a one-sided print.One side is a full-page advertisement (April 4, 4-December 3, 11), copy the second side of the morning edition.
  7. Newspaper dates can be specified from the first issue on November 7, 1874 to today's date.If you wish to have a date after today, it will be delivered two days after the publication.

Image of original chronology

The back side is full of youth events!

The back of the newspaper is in youth
Print the combined original chronology!
Everyone can enjoy it at the celebration!

Memories of those days that my father spent.
The days I spent with my mom.
That moment in some life.
What happened on the day your dad was born?
When was I born?
Plus the "newspaper" where you can hear such conversations,
From the desired newspaper date
An original chronology showing the main events of 20 years,

There is also a detailed social situation, so you can laugh for a long time!

A special card-type loupe for reading newspapers will be presented.


Newspapers 50 to 60 years ago, which were just after the war, have a large amount of articles and the size of letters is only about half that of modern newspapers.Therefore, it may be difficult to read the article when giving a gift to the elderly.
A magnifying glass for reading newspapers is attached free of charge.
* If you do not need it, please let us know.

Magnifier for reading newspapers

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