Price: ¥ 17,200 (tax included)
Manufacturer: Phantom Sake
Model: Sanju8002
JAN code: 4589546910227

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Gift for Umbrella Life Celebration Named sake with anniversary newspaper Sake lees shochu 1800ml Hanano Moe yellow

Product features

● Niigata Sake Shochu 1800ml (with gold leaf)

● Yellow bottle for umbrella life celebration

● Anniversary newspaper A3 size 1 sheets
 * Front: Yomiuri Shimbun 1, reverse: 20 yearly social chronology

● With paulownia box

● Luxury furoshiki packaging (yellow)

● Fully-ordered name label (using handmade Japanese paper)

● Free shipping nationwide

* For those in a hurry "Same day shipment" There is also a service.

About the anniversary newspaper

Anniversary newspaper with name-filled sake

The day when the protagonist of the celebration was born in this world.
What kind of event was happening in the world?
Anniversary newspapers will be an item to add to the conversation at the celebration!

You can choose other than the day you were born according to the scene!

The newspaper is [From 7 to today's date] We can prepare.Choosing the date according to the person giving the gift will also be a surprise gift and will play a leading role in enlivening the celebration.

We will deliver one side of the Yomiuri Shimbun in A3 size.

* This will be the front page of the morning or evening edition of the date you requested.
* There may be no space due to holidays.In that case, we will contact you.
* If one side is a full-page advertisement, we will deliver the second side of the morning edition.
* Depending on the storage condition of the original, some characters and photos on the paper may be difficult to read.Thank you for your understanding in advance.

We will print the original chronology for 20 years on the back side.

* A chronological table showing the "20-year social situation" starting from the desired year is printed.
Example) In the case of a newspaper date of 30, it will be the social situation of "30-49".

Chronology sample

Example) March 22 MacArthur, the Supreme Commander of GHQ, held a press conference for the first time.
Example) October 51 JVC releases the first VHS videotape recorder for home use, the HR-10.

About newspaper dates

* You can specify the date of the newspaper from "November 7, 1874" to "Today", which is the first issue of the newspaper.
* If you wish to have a future date after today, it will be delivered two days after the publication.

About closed days

* If the morning edition is closed, we will deliver the "evening edition".
* If the morning and evening editions are closed, we will deliver the "next day morning edition".
* If the desired date is a holiday, we will contact you.

About adding newspapers

If you would like to add an anniversary newspaper (two or more copies), please enter the Japanese calendar (AD) date of the second copy in the remarks column (communication) when ordering.Regarding the addition of newspapers, 2 yen (excluding tax) will be added to the billed amount for each copy.

Utility model registration certificate

Anniversary newspaper-attached sake is "utility model acquired"!

It is a proof of "completely original product" only for phantom sake.
Utility model registration certificate: 3150913

Full full order name label

A label with a special feeling that only one in the world exists

By using the words received from customers as they are, it becomes the only special label in the world.
Would you like to convey your special feelings to your loved ones with a label?

Name label sample
Enter name label 1800ml sample page

Sake lees shochu | Kashiwaji Sake Brewery (Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture)

Delicious sake grown in the Echigo Plain and Snow Country

Since its founding in 1751 (the first year of the Horeki), in Echigo Nagaoka (Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture), it has been responsible for the food culture of sake, and in 1882, the Nagaoka feudal lord Makino family, who became the origin of "Kashiwaro". There was also an event in which the sake brewery was taken over, the family's "Mitsukashi" crest was used, and the product name "Kashiwaro" was inherited.The people involved in sake brewing change over time, but our stance of "making delicious sake that is pleasing to many people" has been consistently inherited.

Imadaji Shuzo Co., Ltd.

About the taste of sake

Authentic shochu made from freshly squeezed pure rice sake lees in a single-distiller. From the freshly squeezed sake lees with plenty of flavor components, a fruity and refreshing fragrance is fully extracted by distillation. With a refreshing aftertaste and freshness, you can enjoy the elegant aroma of fruits like green apples and pears.

Wrapped in a yellow luxury furoshiki suitable for an umbrella life celebration

Matched to the yellow bottleYellow luxury furoshikiWrap in

We will put the "Named Sake and Anniversary Newspaper" in the "Kiri Box" so that you can hand it as it is, and then wrap it in the "Yellow Luxury Furoshiki" that matches the yellow bottle.
* Anniversary newspapers will be included with sake in the paulownia box.

About delivery time | Flow until product arrival

After receiving your order Next day to 5 business days Will be delivered

[Notes on delivery date]

  • After receiving your order, the product will be available[Next day to 5 business days]Will be delivered.
    * This is because it takes "1 to 3 days" to order the newspaper.
    Newspapers are closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidaysBecause of this, the newspaper is backorderedWeekdays onlySince it is limited to, we recommend that you order with a margin.
  • For payment method[Bank transfer] [Convenience store payment]If you choose, it will be accepted after payment is confirmed.
  • [If you do not attach a newspaper]or sending us a message on[If newspapers are in stock]IsSame day shipping, next day shipping possibleIt will be.However, the price of the product itself does not change even if you do not attach the newspaper.Please note.
  • If you wish to check the label in advance, it usually takes about "plus 2 days" for delivery.Please place an order with a margin.

れ 注 文 か ら 納 品 ま ま で 流 れ

れ 注 文 か ら 納 品 ま ま で 流 れ

Why can't I cancel?

This product is "Complete build-to-order product", So② Order acceptance email from our shopThis is to prepare the anniversary newspaper, name label, and sake after sending.In the unlikely event that you notice something is wrong with your order,Immediately email or callPlease contact us at

To customers in a hurry

This is a guide for those who want to receive the product the next day or the day after next.
belowIf you accept the conditionsas long as,Same day shipping(※ 1)or sending us a message onNext day shippingIs possible.If you are in a hurry, please use it!

  • If you do not attach a newspaper ... The product price will not change.
  • If the newspaper is in stock at our shop ... Please call us to check the stock.
  • Payment is only "credit card payment" "cash on delivery"
  • Not applicable products: Photo wine, sculpture wine
  • Same-day shipping deadline (* 1) ・ ・ ・ Orders made by 14:XNUMX on business days (Monday to Saturday)

I don't have a newspaper, so I'd like to change the price.

This product is "Complete build-to-order product".新聞をお付けしなくとも、名入れラベル・お酒を用意するための工数はかかりますので、商品価格を変更することはEven if you do not attach a newspaper, it will take man-hours to prepare a name label and sake, so changing the product price is not possible.I refuse..We can send you a newspaper at a later date, so please contact us first.

Why are my orders limited?

Photo wine and etching (engraving) wine cannot be shipped on the same day due to the number of production days.In addition, due to the time limit for shipping, we do not allow you to put a logo mark or image data on the label or check the label.Please note.

Bank transfer and convenience store payment are good

Bank transfer and convenience store payments take time to confirm payment, so it takes time to confirm payment.Not eligible for same-day shippingIt is the payment method of.
For details, see "Same-day shipping information page".

Orders are likely to be placed after 14:XNUMX on Saturday.

There is a limit to the time it takes to produce and ship the label, so for orders placed after 14:XNUMX on Saturday,Shipment after the next business dayIt will be.Please note.

Please tell me about the stock of newspapers.

Anniversary newspaper inventory currently held at our shop is
"The age of birth of the person who will reach the 60th birthday this year"
It will be "the age when the person who will reach Kouki (70 years old) this year was born".
For more information, please feel free to contact us by phone.


Named sake order form

Named sake order form. Please input with reference to the sample.

Anniversary newspaper date entry field * required
Select [Era (Year)]
Choose [Month]
Select [Day]

* Please enter your desired [Newspaper date] (Please choose your birthday, anniversary, etc.)

* The desired newspaper date may be a holiday. In that case, we have attached the first day morning edition.

* If you do not need a newspaper, select [Newspaper unnecessary] in the era (AD).

* There are 1 newspapers.1 for each additional 1,000 (excluding tax) You can attach it.

* Even if you don't need a newspaper, please note that the price of sake with name will not change.

Named sake label input section Enter name label 1800ml sample page

Label text input field * required
(1) upper right lowercase letters

* The basic color in the upper right"Vermilion" (vertical writing).

* Example of writing: 60th birthday, thanks, thank you, wholehearted, etc ...

(2) Central uppercase

* The basic color of the central capital letter is"Black" (vertical writing).

* Example of how to write: Name of the person who gave it, Taro, Taro no Sake, Thanks ...

(3) Lower left lower-case part

* The lower left lower case basic color"Black" (vertical writing).

* Example of how to write: With gratitude, the name, date, etc. of the giver ...

* Please fill in only if you wish to change the ingredient display.

(4) component display

* Normally, “Sake” or “Authentic shochu” will be displayed.

* Example of writing: Commemorative sake (new line) Raw material name / Gratitude (new line) Affection ratio / 100% (new line) Hidden taste / Mother's tears

Remarks column

If you have any requests regarding labels, please fill in here.

For those who wish to use Saito
Select on Mizuhiki
About under water
Request column

* If “Others” is selected in the upper column of Mizuhiki, please fill in “Overwrite of the desired funnel” in the request column.

* Enter "Sender's first or last name" or "Company name" in the column below Mizuhiki.

* If you have any questions, please feel free to contact [Freephone: 0120-036-080 (also available from mobile phones and PHS!)].

* I am 20 years old or older.(Liquor purchase from 20 years old)

* Since this is a liquor sale, age confirmation is mandatory.

* Check this button to activate the cart button.