Put thanks in your message card

For those who have always been indebted with phantom sake,
We have a service that puts a message card that conveys your feelings with liquor.

Message cardFreeIt is available at.
Please fill in the remarks column when ordering.
(There is no character limit, but the larger the number of characters, the smaller the size of the characters.)
The appropriate number of characters is about 30 to 60 characters.

Message card sample

  • Rabbit and bear
    1. Rabbit and Bear
  • Clover
  • Childbirth celebration
  • Rabbit parent and child
    4. Rabbit Parent and Child
  • Thank you message
    5 thanks message
  • Pink dot
    6. Pink dot
  • Sake
  • Flag
  • Gift ribbon
    9. Gift Ribbon
  • checker
    10 checker
  • Christmas
    11. Christmas
  • Winter
  • バ レ ン デ ー
    13. Valentine's Day
  • Carnation
    14 carnation
  • Father's Day
    15. Father's Day