Q1. I would like to know the origin and origin of the brewing?

We will answer in the following list.

▼ Name case series ▼ Brewing origin
Sake Imadaji Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture)
Distilled spirits Tsujiro Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture)
Red wine Italy (Importer: Phantom sake)
White wine Italy (Importer: Phantom sake)
sparkling wine Italy (Importer: Phantom sake)
Shiso juice Mycology Techno Co., Ltd. (Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture)
Le Lecce Juice Yamayo Orchard (Niigata Prefecture)
Enzyme drink Sorin Corporation (Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture)

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Q2. What is Imadaiji Sake Brewing Co., Ltd.?

Imajoji Sake Brewery is a sake brewery near Niigata Station, which has the appearance of returning to Japan even though it is in the city center.

Illustration of a liquor store

Some of the customers who visit the sake brewery may or may not enjoy sake every day, but many people feel nostalgia even though they are the first sake breweries to visit.

One of the roles of sake and that of Idaidai Sake Brewery may be here, as Japan's ancient era is lost as the times change.

About the quality of sake with name

All Japanese sake with name sake is "dry".

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Q3. What is Kashiwa Roshu Co., Ltd.?

Since it was founded in 1751 (the first year of the Holy calendar), it has gone through the rapidly changing history of Echigo Nagaoka (Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture) and is responsible for the food culture of sake.

Illustration of a liquor store at the seaside

In 1882, the brewery of the Nagaoka feudal lord, the Makino family, who gave birth to "Kashiwa Dew" was taken over, and there was also an event of inheriting the use of the family's "Mitsukashi" crest and the brand name "Kashiwa Dew."

The people involved in sake brewing change over time, but the attitude of "making delicious liquor that is pleasing to many people" has been consistently passed down.

Using this tradition as the best qualities, and making Niigata sake suitable rice "XNUMX million stones" as the main raw material, in the blessed environment, in harmony with the technique of Mr. Echigo and modern brewing technology, It produces the light dry liquor that is characteristic of the dew.

The Kashiwa Roshu brewing products, which mainly consist of sake with a specific name, have been widely supported by lovers from all over Japan from north to south, as the sake brewed by Niigata's famous brewery.

About the quality of sake with name

The shochu used for name-added sake is sake lees shochu. It is a full-scale shochu made from freshly squeezed fresh pure rice sake lees with a single-distiller.

From the freshly brewed sake lees with plenty of flavor components, a fruity and refreshing scent is fully extracted by distillation. You can enjoy a refreshing aftertaste and a refined aroma of fresh fruits such as green apples and pears.

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Q4. What are the characteristics of wine?

All wines are imported directly from Italy.

【Red wine】

Vine and fruit

As a red wine suitable for a celebration, our exclusive sommelier is a red wine. Wine imported directly from Italian wineries.

The wines produced in a small-scale, hand-made winery in the natural environment are produced with a good sense of concentration and tannins with a soft acidity, so a well-balanced wine that you can enjoy with various meals such as grilling and meat dishes. is.

【White wine】

A white wine with a gorgeous, fruity aroma and a refreshing yet mellow, long finish. It is dry, fresh, sour and astringent, and has a tireless taste, so it goes well with appetizers and fish dishes. By all means, please cool well.

【sparkling wine】

It is sparkling wine of Prosecco representing Italy. The mouthfeel is refreshing, fruity and easy to drink with a good aftertaste, so you can enjoy it as an aperitif like champagne, and the marriage with food is the best.

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Q5. Is Shiso juice good for your health?

A healthy beverage that does not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

◆ Shiso Gold (non-alcoholic)

Perilla and persimmon drink

Without using agricultural chemicals or scientific fertilizers, we have carefully cultivated safe and secure red shiso in cooperation with producers. Together with Echigo Snow White (* 1), which was gently nurtured in a sanitary environment, Shiso Gold was completed.

◆ Shiso Resvera (non-alcoholic)

Shiso Juice is a healthier ingredient than Shiso Gold. A health drink containing citric acid fermented with resveratrol derived from French red wine extract, Echigo-Shirayukidon, Hokkaido sugar radish, and Kagoshima sweet potatoes.

(*1) What is Echigo Shirayuki Mushroom
Japan's first completely new mushroom from Niigata was discovered in the snowy area of ​​Uonuma City, Niigata Prefecture. Characteristically, the mushroom contains a component called Basidiomycetes-X (*2).

(*2) What is Basidiomycetes-X?
It has been cultivated in Niigata Prefecture as an edible mushroom "white truffle" since the early 2000s, but it was later found to be a new type of mushroom. The content of β-glucan is as high as 21%, which is a distinctive feature compared to many other mushrooms.

After that, research progressed rapidly. A mouse experiment was conducted by Professor Tetsuya Konishi of the Laboratory of Food Function and Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Applied Life Sciences, Niigata Pharmaceutical University, and it was confirmed that the antioxidant activity to quench active oxygen is extremely high (05th session held in 10). (Presentation at Japan Food Factor Academy and the 27th Free Radical Society of the same year).

Studies at St. Marianna University School of Medicine have also confirmed immune regulatory functions such as lymphocyte activation. Based on these results, it is expected that application and development in various fields will proceed in the future.

(See from wikipedia)

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Q6. Is pear domestically produced?

It is produced in Minami-ku, Niigata City (former Shirane City).

◆ Le Lecce Juice (non-alcoholic)


Niigata Prefecture's specialty high-quality fruit Le Rectier-Pears is said to be responsible for most of Le Rectier's nationwide production.

This name-filled Le Lecche juice, Le Lecche, was originally produced in Minami-ku, Niigata City (former Shirane City). Since cultivation is very time-consuming and difficult, the production amount is about one-tenth that of La France, which is a very rare phantom pear.

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Q7. Are there any additives in the enzyme drink?

Yes. It is a product that is particular about quality and safety.

◆ Premium enzyme high concentration low molecule (non-alcohol)

Carefully selected 57 types of wild grasses, 23 types of fruits, seaweeds, and mushrooms are carefully issued and matured with koji molds, lactic acid bacteria, and yeasts, and the nutrition is tightly packed.

◆ Luxuriously blended with beauty ingredients

Patent component MAP enzyme, finest Danish placenta, collagen, hyaluronic acid, L-carnitine, vitamins, concentrated deep sea water, odorless garlic 〇 Finest placenta (quality control world standard high purity 97%) 〇MAP (patent number 2506307)

◆ Do not allow anything bad for your body

A woman who smiles by touching her cheeks with both hands

If you continue to use additives, they will accumulate in the body, promote cell aging, and prevent the effects of beauty ingredients...Premium enzymes are chemical synthetic preservatives, synthetic colorants, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, etc. Not used at all. It can be taken by children, elderly people, and pregnant people.

★The only certified mark is obtained from the Japan Adult Disease Prevention Association as an enzyme.

Recommended by Japan Medical Association for Adult Disease Prevention, quality and safety proof

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Q8. Is it possible to not include the "gold leaf" in sake?

No gold leaf is not supported.

There is sake with gold leaf in the chocolate

Since sake and shochu are delivered in a state of gold leaf, we are sorry but we cannot respond without gold leaf. (* Golden leaf is not included in wine and Shiso.)

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Q9. Are there any shochu and wheat shochu?

There is also handling of potato shochu (you can go to the product page from the above image).

There is an illustration of sweet potato and Tokuri / Ochoko, and there is a character on it that there is barley shochu

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Q10. How should I store sake?

Store in a refrigerator or cool and dark place.

A brewing place with a large barrel in a liquor store

As for storage, there is no problem if it is refrigerated because it is sake, but if it is a place where it is not exposed to light and cool (room without heating, entrance, kitchen), etc., it can be kept at room temperature for a short period of time. Then there is no problem in quality.

* Avoid locations where the temperature is very high, such as midsummer. In that case, please store in the refrigerator.

*Please refrigerate after opening. For any sake, it is recommended that you drink the opened sake as soon as possible (about 1 month). For long-term storage and summer, please refrigerate.

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