Please let me know the specifications of the Q1 label.

We will answer about the specifications.

About colors that can be used for labels

The colors that can be used for the label are vermilion and black 2 colors, which can be used if you wish for other colors. However, "White", "Gold" and "Silver" are not supported by our shop due to special printing. For customers who wish, "Golden" and "Silver" will be handled and created using gradation. “White” is not supported. Please be forewarned.

About label size

Please check the table below for the label size to be attached to liquor. ("W" width, "H" height)

▼ Name case series ▼ Label size
Japanese sake / shochu About W140 x H160mm * 1
Sake / Shochu (4 bottles) About W120 x H95mm * 1
Days wine About W95 x H115mm * 2
Chic wine About W80 x H155mm * 2
Fine wine About W145 x H105mm * 2
Shiso juice About W110 x H90mm * 2
Le Lecce Juice About W70 x H130mm * 2
Sunny Lerja (beer) About W80 x H95mm * 2

(*1) Oguni Japanese paper manufacturer: Oguni Japanese paper production association
The Japanese paper itself has some unevenness because it uses genuine handmade Japanese paper. In addition, because Japanese paper is produced using cocoons, there may be 楮 on the label Japanese paper.

(*2) Label paper used for each label
For the paper used for each name label, it will be the label paper selected in consideration of the durability and texture suitable for them in our shop.

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Is there a character limit for Q2 labels?

For name products
Because it is a full-order product, no character restrictions are set.

However, as explained above, the size of the label is fixed, so the more characters there are, the smaller the size per character will be

Cool labels have fewer characters ◎

The smaller the number of characters on the label, the larger the size per character, so a beautiful label with a very high impact will be produced. If you are worried about labels, we recommend labels with fewer characters!

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Q3. Is it okay to use "red" for the name color on the label?

The name on the label is
Ink is ◎ Vermilion is △

Basically, writing your name in vermilion is considered bad luck. For this reason, it is recommended that the personal name be written in ink.

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Q4. Family crests, logo marks,
Is it possible to write an illustration?

You can also include family crests, logos, and illustrations.

You can also include family crests, logos, and illustrations for name-added sake you can order at our store. In the case of a family crest, please let us know the “name”.

Points to note when adding family crests, logos and illustrations

Please write the name of the family crest as detailed as possible. Please note that there are many family crests with similar names. If you do not know the name of the family crest, please send us a photo of the family crest by email.

Family crest example

◆ In case of logo

If you wish to have an illustration or character, the illustration / character you have imagined may be different from what you have. Therefore, if you wish to have an illustration, please prepare it yourself.

For illustrations and characters

If you wish to have an illustration or character, the illustration / character you have imagined may be different from what you have. Therefore, if you wish to have an illustration, please prepare it yourself.

* Please pay attention to the copyright of the logo mark and illustration used.Click here for a detailed explanation of copyright.. If the logo mark and illustrations at our shop meet your wishes, we will write them on the label, but we will not be liable for any damages or liability incurred accordingly. Please be careful about the copyright of the logo mark and illustrations/characters.

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Q5. Can I use the old font (old Kanji)?

Old font (old Kanji)
It is also possible to insert.

Due to the ordering system, there is a risk that the old font may cause garbled characters when ordering. Therefore, please be sure to check the order contents in the “automatic delivery mail” after order completion. If you cannot enter the character you want to enter (old font), please contact us in more detail about the old font in the communication column or separately by e-mail.

◆ Old font

Fonts used before the newly established fonts in the KNUM table of officials of the 1946 Cabinet Notification.
Example) 澁 → Shibu 來 → Guru 廣 → Hiro 實 → Real 眞 → True 惠 → Megumi etc.

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Q6. I would like to check the completed label in advance.

Prior confirmation of completed labels is available on request.

For customers who want to confirm the label before delivery, such as when delivering directly from our shop, we provide a label confirmation service by PC mail, mobile mail, FAX, etc. (*If you would like to confirm the fax, please write the fact and fax number separately in the communication column.)

Depending on the designated delivery date, we may not be able to accept changes after confirming the label. If you are in a hurry and want to check the label, please contact us.


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Q7. Can I use a typeface other than the sample?

It is also possible to make a label with a typeface other than the sample.
(*There are some conditions)

All the labels introduced on this homepage are the most beautiful, and in order to create the most impactful labels, we have carefully selected and used from a number of typefaces.

Therefore, we basically do not accept label production except for those introduced here. However, if you wish to specify the typeface, please write it in the communication column etc.

For example, "Please make in ◯◯ regular typeface", "Please make in ◯◯ Mincho ◯◯ typeface", etc.

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Q8. Can I use a name label for sake other than name-added sake?

It is not possible to change the label except for sake for exclusive use of name.

Order label replacement for normal products (other brands) is not possible under the tax law. We can produce full-order labels only for sake with name.

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Can I purchase only the Q9 label?

We do not sell “label only”.

The full-order label that is available at our shop will be delivered with a special liquor. Therefore, we do not sell or transfer “label only”.

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For those who have questions not covered above

Please feel free to contact us.025-378-2631Reception hours 9: 00-18: 00 [Saturdays, Sundays and holidays excluded]