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Click here for reviews on our Rakuten Ichiba store (opens in a separate window) Number of reviews as of 2019 year 11 month 26
Named sake 80ml with newspaper from 1800 years ago15 of
80 ml of sake with name 720 years ago30 of
Named shochu with newspaper from 80 years ago 1800ml 6 of
Named shochu with newspaper from 80 years ago 720ml6 of
Named wine with newspaper [English] 750ml105 of
Shiso GOLD Named Juice with Newspaper 750ml26 of
Lurecce name juice with newspaper 500ml25 of

Voice of those who purchased name-added sake at Phantom Sake Co., Ltd. ①

(* This is an excerpt of reviews from Rakuten Ichiba and Yahoo stores in addition to this site)

20 / Female

I gave it to my grandma

It ’s time for a family gathering on New Year's Day, so we started counting down from New Year's Eve and gave it to the moment when it was 1 month. I was surprised at first, but I was very happy to see the bottle with the name and the newspaper of the day I was born! Grandpa was envied, so next time I want to give it to Grandpa.

40 / Female

On the birthday of the president

We have a party every year at the company, so this year we decided to make this shop that we found on the internet because we wanted something exciting to celebrate our umbrella life. The newspaper read the contents of the newspaper using a microphone, and all the sake with gold leaf was shared little by little. Newspapers and bottles are displayed in the president's office, and every time there is a visitor, it seems to be a hot topic. Since there is wine, I would like to give it to my husband this time.

20 generation / Male

To my grandfather in law

My wife's grandfather celebrated his umbrella life at the age of 80. I loved sake, so I was happy with Niigata sake. I didn't have much opportunity to speak, but I hope to get along with this opportunity.

30 generation / Male

Former boss

I gave a gift because my former boss who worked at the same time I graduated from high school had an umbrella life. The last 1 year of retirement I always taught me to the details strictly as an instructor, and at that time I thought it was annoying, but what did you tell me when I became a junior educator? I didn't know if it was okay, and I really felt the greatness of my former boss. I wanted to tell you a lot, but it was too long to put on the label, so I made it simple with a name in the middle. Originally I like liquor so I was very pleased and relieved. It's a shame that I couldn't drink together, but I would like to go drinking with a drink.

60 / Female

I asked my daughter

I couldn't use a computer to celebrate my mother's umbrella life, so I asked my daughter to buy it. I still have my daughter hit me. The bright yellow bottle was decided very cutely in the dark news such as recent recession and disaster. It takes time to drink up a bottle of liquor, but it seems that my father and two are drinking at dinner. A picture of parents smiling with a bottle of liquor has been sent. I think we have a wonderful filial piety. Thank you very much.

40 generation / Male

To the teacher who celebrated his umbrella life

I heard that my mentor when I was a student will have an umbrella life, and I celebrated with my classmate, my wife and friends who were good friends at that time. I was embarrassed and I was in a bad group at the time, and I didn't go to school. When my place of employment is decided, I am more than happy to be thankful to my parents. Celebrating such teachers was a great effort, and I said many selfishnesses, such as checking over the phone many times and asking you to check the labels in advance, but it was always helpful and helpful. The teacher was very impressed and was happy with a smile. I want to live up to 100 years old in this way (laughs)

50 / Female

To parents

I appreciate your kindness at this time. I got 80 newspapers from my parents who were 2 years old. Even though my eyes were bad, I read it aloud and exchanged it for reading. I would like to ask if there is another opportunity.

30 / Female

I gave it to my aunt ’s birthday

Since my parents were working together, when I was young I always went to my aunt's house after school. Such an aunt was given a celebratory gift every time Koki and Kiju were greeted, but I remembered that I used to give this name to the boss's retirement celebration, so I asked for it this time. Although it was the first time to buy it by mail order, I could decide all the newspapers and labels by myself, and I was able to give only one wonderful item in the world. I was relieved to reply to the email quickly and politely and to show the label in advance. My aunt was pleased more than usual, so I was glad to ask the phantom sake. Thank you very much! .

50 generation / Male

無 題

My father had an evacuation experience due to the effects of the war, and the newspapers at that time were worried that it would revive painful memories, but I read the old and new times with nostalgia. I looked at the sake with gold leaf in an unusual way and it wasn't on my face, but it seemed to please me. My mother will soon have an umbrella life and I want to use it at that time.

20 generation / Male

To grandparents

I've always been a grandpa and grandmother, so birthday celebrations are a must. Since I was 20 years old, I decided to search and decide on the net this year because I wanted to celebrate with alcohol. It seemed to be an e-mail error and was saved by calling me! Thank you again next year!

30 / Female

For their wedding

I and my husband both lost their parents early, and my grandparents looked after me and gave them thanks to our wedding. Coincidentally, the grandparents of both families were in the year of 80 year-old umbrella life, so I made a yellow bottle. Thank you for your message card proposal. I do not live together, but I hope it will be a good meeting.

30 / Female

On the birthday of my grandmother who raised me

When I was little, my parents worked together, so my grandmother always looked after me. I wasn't sure about my age, but I decided to look for it on the net because I had an umbrella. I was worried whether I could make it in time, but I received it on my birthday safely. Thank you very much.

50 generation / Male

On father's birthday

I thought that the yellow bottle was feminine, but I asked yellow as it was recommended for umbrella life. I was more impressed by the sake of Junmai Daiginjo than the newspapers and labels, and I was drunk without losing my eyes on the gold leaf. Since it seems to sell ordinary liquor, I would like to buy it next time.

30 generation / Male

As a gift for Respect for the Aged Day

This year, my grandfather celebrated his umbrella life, so we gathered together with his family on Respect for the Aged Day. I was embarrassed at first, but I was surprised to see the contents. I was surprised at the taste as it was the first time to drink shochu using sake lees. I would like to ask if there is another opportunity.

40 / Female

The birthday of mom in the store

The snack mom who worked in the past is still active and celebrates his 80 birthday, so we celebrated with his former colleagues and customers at the time. At first, a long time old customer and staff suddenly came into the shop and was surprised with their eyes rounded. It seemed that my mom's share was almost lost after drinking alcohol to occupational customers, but even a small amount said it was delicious. It seems that the bottle is proud of many people decorating the store. I would like you to live longer and use it again.

30 / Female

My father suddenly

When my father suddenly told me to teach me a computer, I asked him why, and he said he wanted to send it to his mother at the company farewell party. After all, even though he taught mothers how to operate a computer while thinking that he would like his mother at any age, I was also interested and decided to give it together. My grandmother lived far away, so I couldn't meet her easily. I want to pass the next directly.

40 generation / Male

For celebration

We purchased for celebration, but there was thing to be worried about, and as soon as we asked a question, we were able to leave it with peace of mind. I thought it would be inconvenient to unwrap them carefully even in a furoshiki. I gave it to an executive of a business partner, but I was surprised by the bottle with the name and I was glad to ask here.

50 generation / Male

Niigata sake is still delicious.

I think that even fathers who have reached the umbrella life will be pleased with the sake, and I bought it thinking that it would be a memorial if my name was entered. Since I am also a year, it seemed that there was a little trouble with inputting data on a personal computer, and there were various input omissions. As I expected, I was very happy with the label with my name and the newspaper of the day of my birth. Next time I would like to give them a gift for my mother's birthday.

40 / Female

On a hot spring trip

I went to a hot spring trip with my family because my daughter was getting married soon. The mother-in-law who lived with her was celebrating her umbrella life, so she wanted to celebrate it and asked her to deliver it to the ryokan. When she ordered her, she arranged it as expected and delivered the baggage safely to the recipient. He / she put in the name of the person in charge of the inn. The celebration was over. Thank you for your thoughts.

Voice of those who purchased name-added sake at Phantom Sake Co., Ltd. ②

(* This is an excerpt of reviews from Rakuten Ichiba and Yahoo stores in addition to this site)

20 generation / Male

It was a meeting of memories!

I ordered it for my grandfather's umbrella life celebration. We decided to hold a festive party and it was a rushed order, but it was delivered by the due date. Thanks to you, we were able to hold a celebration party safely. Finally, we took a commemorative photo around a grandfather with a bottle with a name. I was able to take very good photos. When you have a photo, you can decorate it with a bottle and a photo. That day's meeting was a good memory not only for my grandfather but also for us. Thank you very much.

50 / Female

Father's umbrella life gift

A shochu-loving father will also celebrate his umbrella life in 4 month! Whether it was a smartphone, it was very difficult to press the order button. So I was worried about the finish until it arrived. But very satisfied! ! Thank you very much for the chic and nice packaging. This time, the couple told me that they would like to make their own commemorative liquor. I think that it is also ideal for various celebrations. The staff was quick and helpful. thank you very much.

20 generation / Male

No surprise 2 degree surprise

We gave wine to grandmother of umbrella life. I thought it was too late for my order to be 2 days before my birthday. After all, I was informed that the birthday newspaper was not in time for the designated date due to the ordering. For wine alone, the birthday was in time, and the birthday newspaper was mailed at a later date. On the day of celebration, the whole family had a party and my grandmother was very happy. After 2 days, my grandmother contacted me that I had received a newspaper on the day I was born, and thanked me for 2 gifts.

20 / Female

Purchase with a gift for Umbrella Life

I chose photo wine to celebrate my 80-year-old grandma ’s birthday. Grandma began drinking wine after age 70, and although she was drinking a small amount every day, she was looking for a variety of wines. I gave my grandma a photo of her family trip and gave her a wine label. The grandmother displayed that she could not drink because she was a waste. I was also impressed by the newspapers that were in it. I was so happy to be so happy. Next year I want to give another present as another photo.

60 / Female

Celebrated in three generations.

This time my daughters celebrated my mother's umbrella life and my 60th birthday. Two bottles of colorful and beautiful liquor are displayed between the floors. Drinking alcohol in three generations was a very good memory. I would like to thank you here. Thank you very much.

30 generation / Male

Old newspapers are rare.

A gift for the grandfather who celebrated his umbrella life. I decided to purchase it with the charm that the newspaper of my grandfather was born. On the day of the celebration, his grandfather was delighted with his name and sake written as “Yoshio Grandpa” and a newspaper. I was holding it so important. Anniversary newspaper is a newspaper article from 80 years ago. Most of the articles were about politics and war. Of course, I didn't find any bright articles. That was the time. Finally, the whole family took photos of Grandpa and took a great anniversary.

20 generation / Male

Memories of grandmother

We purchased for celebration of grandmother who became 80 years old. I wished my grandmother would laugh, and I put “Ingredients: Drool of Grandchildren” in the lower right corner of the alcohol label. When I saw it on the homepage, the text in the lower right was smaller, but when I saw it on the label confirmation service, it was bigger! Thanks to her, my grandmother with bad eyes could see the letters and laughed as she intended! The newspaper of the anniversary was also very different from the one when I was born, but I read it carefully one letter at a time with the attached loupe. The grandmother talked about the brothers and sisters and the parents, and was drinking very happily.

50 / Female

fast! Polite! Kindness

We purchased for birthday present of father-in-law. I requested it suddenly, but it was finished by the due date. I was wondering what the label would look like, but it was very nicely finished. I didn't drink alcoholic beverages when everyone gathered during the New Year, but the packaging was polite and a special paper bag was included, so I was able to give it as it was. The people at this store were very kind and helpful. This time I would like to give a gift for my father's birthday.

40 generation / Male

Kind shop! !

We purchased for umbrella life celebration. Thanks to polite emails and several exchanges from the time of ordering, you were able to create the label you wanted! I was worried until I saw it, but anyway it was good to order with a fine label! I really thought. I thought that my father failed at first because he had few words in the name sake, but immediately after that he smiled completely, and he seemed impressed at the beginning of his life. I was very pleased! The furoshiki wrapping material is also very good and I thought it was the best as a celebration!

40 / Female

It was according to review

I looked at various shops as a celebration, and it was impure as a motive, but I ordered to ask a shop with a high review rating. The result was really as reviewed. The receptionist's polite correspondence, careful packing, and the fine label as he wanted. Of course, the father who gave me was able to see how well he had never seen before and found a good shop! I think. The taste of the liquor is very good and the appearance is gorgeous because it contains gold leaf! I'm glad to believe the review! !

30 generation / Male

Grandfather's umbrella life celebration

When I was looking for a good gift for my grandfather who celebrated his umbrella life, I arrived at this product. It was a perfect gift for Umbrella Kotobuki because it was a liquor with gold leaf in a beautiful yellow bottle. The wrapping and paulownia box are also gorgeous, and not only grandfather but also the whole family cheered! What surprised me most was the newspaper 80 years ago. I listened to my grandfather's memories while looking at the newspaper and had a very memorable time. It was the first time that I gave something properly, but I'm glad I chose this product.

30 / Female

To celebrate the life of an umbrella

It was given as an umbrella life celebration on my grandfather's 80 birthday. Grandpa, who loves Japanese sake, is looking forward to the sake of the 1 cup of sake at dinner. I decided that this product can be put in the name, thinking that I wouldn't be pleased if I just gave sake. The newspaper of the day when Grandpa was born was surprisingly difficult when we looked at it, but Grandpa was reading with his eyes narrowed without saying anything. Although he usually has few words, he said many times, "Thank you. Thank you."

50 generation / Male

A gift that expresses gratitude

I used it as a gift for my mother for the celebration of umbrella life. I chose this wine because I wanted to express my gratitude to my mom who had been supporting my father every day without any hobbies. It was hard to see the contents of the newspaper on the day of my birth about the ordinances of war, but a loupe was included, so even my old mother could read it. At first I didn't realize that my name was engraved on the wine, but I was very surprised when I told it. This time, I will use it to celebrate my father's umbrella life.

40 generation / Male

To a mother who cannot drink

I used it as a gift for my mother of umbrella life. As I ordered the teacher, I was worried whether it would be delivered honestly, but I was relieved that I received a reply right after the order and it will arrive within the year. At the beginning of the year, we wrapped a set-off dish and handed it out as a surprise when everyone gathered. My mother, who saw a fashionable brown cosmetic box, opened the box with great interest. Then, he raised his voice, “Oh!” And was very surprised at the juice containing the name. The date of the newspaper was a wedding anniversary, but this was also a huge success! He talked about his dad ’s marriage and the struggles during the war. It was really good for this product.

20 / Female

Surprise photo wine

I gave my grandma a photo wine. Grandma has very cute cats, so I decided that I would be glad if the label on the photo shows the cat and grandma! A few days later, a message with a secret photograph and thought was sent by email as sample data. Because I was worried about the workmanship, I was relieved to be able to confirm it in advance. After that, from the grandma who received, “I was very happy. I decorate and drink carefully. Thank you. I contacted. It was a memorial gift for me.

40 / Female

To mother who likes sunflower

As my mother celebrated the umbrella life, I gave this item to the umbrella life celebration. My mother usually doesn't drink much, but there are lots of relatives who like liquor, so I decided to make a bottle. The celebration was very exciting and my mother was very pleased with the name of the sake. I love the sunflower flowers, and the yellow bottle is happy to decorate it with the same beautiful color as the sunflower. The newspaper that came with me was thin, but it was excited by the story of the bulldog source in the lower advertising section. The store was good, so it is recommended as a gift!

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