Price: ¥ 9,900 (tax included)
Manufacturer: Phantom Sake
Model: sanju80002
JAN code: 4589546912030

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≪Sake for exclusive use of umbrella life celebration≫ Golden longevity celebration sake to give to umbrella life (80 years old)! Junmai Daiginjo Umbrella Life Celebration This page introduces 720ml sake with gold leaf.

Product features

● Niigata Prefecture Pure Rice Daiginjo 720ml (with gold leaf)

● Yellow bottle for umbrella life celebration

● Comes in a cosmetic box

● Luxury furoshiki packaging (yellow)

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There is only a special funnel available. Even if you choose another kiduto, it will not be supported

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Longevity celebration sake
Sake breweries
Tsukasa Imayo Sake Brewery
Specific Class Name
Specific name classification
Junmai Daiginjo
Sake ingredient
Place of origin
Rice (domestic), rice bran (domestic rice), pure gold leaf
Polished rice ratio
Rice polishing rate
Alcohol by volume
Alcohol degree
15 degrees
Tasting notes
The balance between delicate sweetness and sourness is wonderfully beautiful, and the bitterness of the aftertaste is even more refined. An elegant and elegant fragrance will stand up when the cap is opened.
How to drink Sake
Recommended way to drink
◎ chill at room temperature
Remarks column
Remarks / Features
Luxurious sake from Niigata Prefecture, with gorgeous pure gold leaf in the highest rank of Japanese sake “Junmai Daiginjo” in golden bottles dyed one by one by artisans! The sake brewed by Kuramoto with every effort is gorgeous even when poured into a glass.

For celebration of umbrella life and longevity. Wrap a special funnel in a special cosmetic box and pack it nicely with colored furoshiki from above.


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product name: [Same-day shipping] Junmai Daiginjo Gold Leaf Sake for Kasaju (80 years old) 720ml
Model: sanju80002
JAN code: 4589546912030
Manufacturer: Phantom Sake

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