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Amule Amulet Complete Set (200ml x 4) [Liqueur Fruit Liquor Plum Liquor Peach Liquor Yuzu Liquor White Grape]

Fruit liqueur filled with women's “love”. Co-developed a sake-based liqueur with a sake brewer over 3 years that women can enjoy fashionably! This is a new Japanese sake proposal that enjoys a fruity scent and a refreshing fruit flavor. Please enjoy the fruit wine in a heart-shaped bottle. Good point for women, 200mlt drink size is nice. Because it is easy to drink and finished in low alcohol, it is also recommended for those who are weak in alcohol. 4ml of "Ume", "Momo", "White grape (Chardonnay)" and "Yuzu" were packed into bottles. It has a fresh taste as if you were eating fruit.