About payment methods

There are 5 payment methods available at our store.

  • Cash on delivery
  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit card
  • Convenience store payment (* Terminal payment only)
  • Electronic money

* We do not provide payment methods for postal transfers.


Cash on delivery

■ Contractor

Yamato Financial Co., Ltd. (Kuroneko Yamato)

■ Payment amount

Total product price (tax included) + shipping + cash on delivery fee
The consumption tax is rounded up.

■ Attention!

Please note that if the recipient of the gift is different from the orderer, the customer will be billed for cash on delivery. In that case, it is very helpful if you can fill in "Cash on delivery is OK" when ordering.

■ Cash on delivery fee

Nationwide uniform: 330 yen

■ Bulk buying calculation rules

Even if you order multiple items for each delivery address, the cash-on-delivery fee will be the amount shown above.


Bank Transfer

■ For customers with bank transfer (prepayment)

Transfer amount: Total of product price (tax included) + postage
Please confirm the transfer fee at the time of transfer. The consumption tax is rounded up.

■ Bank account for transfer

Transfer destination: Rakuten Bank
Branch name: Jazz branch
Deposit type: Normal
Account number: 7030640
Account Name: Phantom Sake Co., Ltd. [Ka) Maboroshino Salmon]

* We will ship the product as soon as payment is confirmed. In addition, we are sorry, but the customer will be responsible for the transfer fee.
* Since payments on weekends and holidays cannot be confirmed, shipping may be delayed until the next day. Please note.


Credit card

All card companies can make one-time payments or installments.

■ Acceptable cards

List of available cards

Since our store uses a system called SSL, the card number is sent encrypted. Please use with confidence.

■ Payment amount

Total product price (tax included) + shipping
* Free shipping does not apply.

■ Number of payments

Payment will be made once and revoked. For revolving payment, please specify from "Click here to specify split / revolving payment" button in "Easy order screen step3".

■ Issuance of usage records

Since online authentication is performed, no usage details are issued. Please see the usage statement from the card company. Please keep your order confirmation email carefully until it is withdrawn from your credit card company.

■ About card errors

Currently, with regard to shopping at Rakuten Ichiba, all approval work related to card payments is carried out at the Rakuten Ichiba server. If your input is not approved and your order is not approved, you will receive an automatic delivery email from Rakuten Ichiba asking you to change your card information. In that case, please correct it after confirming the input information.

■ Regarding credit cards issued overseas

Currently, we are taking steps to stop using credit cards issued overseas to prevent unauthorized use. We are very sorry, but when you place an order, please use another payment method or use a credit card issued by a credit card company in Japan. . If you live overseas or have only a credit card issued overseas, please contact us as you can shop at another shopping mall where our store is open.


Convenience store settlement

■ Number terminal payment only

Convenience store payment, we only handle "number terminal payment". Please note that payment slip settlement is not accepted.

■ Available stores

List of available convenience stores

Seven-Eleven is not available. Convenience store settlement fee will be 330 yen separately.


Electronic money payment

■ Rakuten Edy payment

After your order, you will receive an email with the payment URL.
The maximum payment amount is 50,000 yen.

Electronic money Rakuten Edy payment

Phone number and opening hours