Name Lurecce Juice
Phantom Pear Lurecce

It is said that Niigata Prefecture occupies most of Le Rectier production in Japan. This name Le Lecce Juice Le Lecce was originally produced in Minami-ku, Niigata City (former Shirane City). Cultivation is very time-consuming and difficult, so the production is about one-tenth of La France, a very rare phantom pear.

This Le Lecce Juice was first produced in a farm that was certified as “Eco Farmer” in Niigata Prefecture. This juice is made with the thought that "I want customers to always enjoy the safest and safest delicious fruits." Even if it doesn't use sugar, it is sweet and you can enjoy the taste of Le Lecce. * Bottle opener is required for opening.

Name of original label Lurekce Juice

☆ Labels using glossy paper produce a sense of quality

  • Type A is like a wine label with a stylish striped pattern.
  • Type B has a cute check pattern and a cute finish with sundries.
  • Type C has a simple and beautiful finish with a prominent name.
  • Type D is a pop-up and energetic impression of the punched Le Recche.

Example of original label

Comes with an anniversary newspaper that brings back memories

The outside of the cosmetic box is made of cloth material, and the inside is made of Bordeaux satin fabric, giving it a luxurious feel.The lid is engraved with "Celebrate Special Day" in gold letters.The cosmetic box will be wrapped in Western-style pattern wrapping paper, carefully wrapped in cushioning material (bubble wrap) to prevent damage, and then shipped in double packaging in a cardboard box.

納 期 に つ い て

From phantom sake staff
Anniversary newspapers can be enjoyed on all anniversaries, not only on the day your father or mother was born, but also on the anniversary of your parents' marriage, the day you gave birth to your parents, etc. think.
In addition to the celebration of the 60th birthday, this product has also received many orders as a gift of gratitude to parents at retirement celebrations, gratitude gifts, and wedding receptions.
As for the delivery date, it will be possible to ship the same day (* 1) at the shortest. Of course, delivery orders are accepted up to 2 months in advance.

* 1: Only when there is no anniversary newspaper or when there is a stock of newspapers.


(Refer to the reference when selecting the newspaper date.)
● Newspapers in the early Showa era have many articles on war, and there are many photographs showing the social conditions during the war.
● The end of the war in Showa 20 (1945), the number of articles on political economy is overwhelmingly around this time. Also, about 10 years after the war (until the early Showa 30 years), it is also the time when the size of newspaper letters is the smallest, and there are also places where it is difficult to read.
● In the Showa 40 era, it will be a period of high economic growth, so you can see bright content that matches the social situation.
● The size of the letter increases with each generation. (Some postwar newspapers are about half the size of newspaper letters.)
[For wedding receptions and weddings] Non-alcoholic drinks as gifts for parents who don't like alcohol! Lurecce Juice [chou-chou] (Shu Shu): 500ml [with memorial newspapers such as birthdays and wedding anniversary]

Price: ¥ 6,600 (tax included)

Named sake order form

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Anniversary newspaper date entry field * required
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* If you do not need a newspaper, select [Newspaper unnecessary] in the era (AD).

* There are 1 newspapers.¥ 1 (excluding tax) per 1,000 You can attach it.

* Even if you don't need a newspaper, please note that the price of sake with name will not change.

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(5) fixed character part

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* Normally, “Gratefulness 100%”.

Remarks column

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For those who wish to use Saito
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