An impressive wine that will be given to parents at a wedding or reception
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Customer Reviews

20 / Female For wedding souvenirs
Heavily heavy and well-packed, it was a perfect gift for parents. I didn't look inside, but my father who loved sake was very happy. We asked for orders from delivery to delivery in 3 days, with a very short delivery time.
Purchaser's second use
Anyway, correspondence of product, shop is splendid! Not only can you enter your name, but you can also include family crests and company logos, so I chose this liquor as an anniversary gift. Please respond politely by exchanging emails. It was a gift for both of us, so I asked for some extra anniversary newspapers (for another birthday), but I was happy to respond! I think it was partly 1000 yen. The confirmation email of the label was very safe. I was impressed when the ordered items arrived. I haven't written so much because reviews are troublesome, but I wrote this because I really want to recommend this item (* ^^ *) I won't betray my expectations! truly! In the future, gifts will be decided ♪ Thank you very much for the phantom sake ☆
30 / Female
I gave thanks to my 60th birthday father at my wedding. I was very happy and took a picture with the sake with my name (^^ ♪ I was seriously reading the newspaper on the day I was born. I was a little worried, but it was good to choose.
30 / Men Wedding, Parental gift
It was a Japanese-style reception in a Japanese-style room. It was very good because my favorite letters were put in a nice typeface. I was pleased.
The person who took care of me got married, so I chose this product for the wedding celebration. I was able to arrange the design of the label, so I thought about the design here, but it was a very satisfying finish, such as a fine reproduction of the details and the presentation of several samples with different formats. became. The response to the inquiries was quick, and I was able to respond without interruption during the Bon Festival. Later, there was a contact from that person, and he was impressed to the point. I thought from the bottom of my heart that it was good to give. I am grateful for the detailed response of the staff. Thank you very much!

From phantom sake staff
Anniversary newspapers can be enjoyed on all anniversaries, not only on the day your father or mother was born, but also on the anniversary of your parents' marriage, the day you gave birth to your parents, etc. think.
In addition to the celebration of the 60th birthday, this product has also received many orders as a gift of gratitude to parents at retirement celebrations, gratitude gifts, and wedding receptions.
As for the delivery date, it will be possible to ship the same day (* 1) at the shortest. Of course, delivery orders are accepted up to 2 months in advance.

* 1: Only when there is no anniversary newspaper or when there is a stock of newspapers.


(Refer to the reference when selecting the newspaper date.)
● Newspapers in the early Showa era have many articles on war, and there are many photographs showing the social conditions during the war.
● The end of the war in Showa 20 (1945), the number of articles on political economy is overwhelmingly around this time. Also, about 10 years after the war (until the early Showa 30 years), it is also the time when the size of newspaper letters is the smallest, and there are also places where it is difficult to read.
● In the Showa 40 era, it will be a period of high economic growth, so you can see bright content that matches the social situation.
● The size of the letter increases with each generation. (Some postwar newspapers are about half the size of newspaper letters.)
[Wedding / Reception / Wedding Anniversary] Red wine with anniversary newspaper with Japanese name [Sui red wine] Italian wine 750ml

Price: 10,000 (tax included)

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* The desired newspaper date may be a holiday. In that case, we have attached the first day morning edition.

* If you do not need a newspaper, select [Newspaper unnecessary] in the era (AD).

* There are 1 newspapers.¥ 1 (excluding tax) per 1,000 You can attach it.

* Even if you don't need a newspaper, please note that the price of sake with name will not change.

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(1) Name input field

* The basics of the name part"Kanji / Hiragana / Katakana: Black" (vertical writing).

* Example of how to write: Name of the person who gave the gift, Taro, Michiko, thanks, etc ...* Within 6 characters

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** Examples of writing: 60th Anniversary, holiday calendar, Happy Birthday, etc ...

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* Example of writing: In addition to date and 20XX.XX.XX, it can be changed to a message.

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* Example of writing: message, name of the giver, date, etc ...

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● Please cooperate with the questionnaire.
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If you wish to receive a receipt, etc., we will send it by e-mail.

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