A pair gift for parents who have reached their wedding anniversary! Average budget and tips for choosing


What should I give to my parents who have celebrated their wedding anniversary?

It's hard to choose a gift that suits your parents from among the many presents. In particular, if you give gifts to parents separately, the time and effort to choose is doubled. If you want to select gifts smoothly, pair items are recommended.

If you give a gift as a pair on your wedding anniversary, you won't have to choose. Therefore, this time, I will introduce a pair of gifts that I want to give to my parents who celebrated their wedding anniversary. We will also explain how to choose and budget, so please refer to the gift selection.


1. A pair present is recommended for parents who have celebrated their wedding anniversary.


The merit of giving a pair of presents on the wedding anniversary isNo hassle to choosething. If you normally give presents to your parents, you will need to purchase the father's portion and mother's portion separately. You can buy the same item without worry, but if you give different items as gifts, you will be concerned about the amount and contents of each.

In that regard, it is easy to choose a pair of presents because there is no need to purchase them separately. Also, since items for pairs are sold,There is no need to arrange it yourself, it is attractive that it is easy to decide.

・ How do I choose a pair gift for a wedding anniversary?

When choosing a gift for a pair,Emphasis on “practicality” and “no sense of pairing”Let's choose.

If you value "practicality"Based on whether you can usually use itPlease choose. We recommend items that are closely related to life rather than a rare pair of presents. For example, cups and chopsticks are always available. Clothes and accessories are also highly practical items.

If there is practicality, you can prevent the case of sleeping in the closet after giving a present. If you give a wedding anniversary gift, you want it to be used for a long time.

Especially recently, there is a tendency for highly practical gifts to be appreciated. When presenting a wedding anniversary presentation to parents after becoming an adult, it is also important to be able to select gifts that consider usability and practicality.

There are points to keep in mind when giving a pair. It is also important that there is no sense of pairing.Gifts such as so-called pair look are difficult to use even if they are highly practical. If you just wear it at home, you don't want to wear matching items outside.

So, if possible, give them a paired item with a point. Not all are similar designs,If it is about one point, you can actively use it.

When giving a pair of presents, place emphasis on “practicality” and “no sense of pairing”, and choose a gift that can be used on a daily basis.

・ What is the budget for pair gifts for wedding anniversary?

The wedding anniversary budget is basically"Approximately 5,000 to 3 10,000 yen"Is the market price.

When choosing a gift for a pair, 2 people should be within this price range or slightly over. Even if you give too much gifts, you will care for your parents.In particular, the gift of a pair will be for 2 people, so keep in mind that when selecting an item, it will be doubled by 2.

If you are worried about your budget,Pre-paired gifts are recommendedis. These presents are set at a lower price than buying separately. In particular, what is sold as a gift for a wedding anniversary pair is profitable.

First of all, decide the budget by referring to the market price of "5,000 yen ~ 3 10,000 yen", and select items that fit within it. By the way, just because the budget is small is not rude. In 1, there are many events such as birthday, father's day and mother's day in addition to the wedding anniversary.

If you think about celebrating everything, you can spend a lot of money even if your budget is small. Therefore, consider the whole budget and set a reasonable budget. However, for special wedding anniversaries, such as the 20 anniversary or the 30 anniversary, you may want to spur a little budget.


2. A pair of gifts that you want to give to your parents on their wedding anniversary!

Pair mug

Here are some gifts for the pair you want to give to your parents on their wedding anniversary. For each pair's present, we wrote the recommendation by the editorial department and prejudice, and the budget, so please refer to it.

-Named sake: This is the best choice for parents who like alcohol!


Recommendation: ★★★★★
Budget: 2 million to 3 million

Named sake is sake that allows you to put a message on the label of sake or wine. Unlike ordinary liquor, it is a popular item because only one gift can be made in the world. In particular, if your parents love liquor, there will be no hand to give away.

If you give a pair of name-added sake,A set of "red wine and white wine" provided on this site is recommendedis. If you purchase name-added liquor separately, you may be concerned about the budget or method of purchase, but this site does not take time since it is sold as a set.

“The only wine set in the world to be given to parents for weddings and receptions! Sculpture wine”, which is the most popular 1 ranking on our website, is a set of red and white wines.. Both can be entered separately, so please send a message for the father and mother.

When entering the name, you can choose the design pattern of the label part from 6 types. In addition, the label is made up of 4 items of “Title”, “Name”, “Date”, and “Message”, each of which can be filled with a favorite character. If there is no problem with the name part, the order is complete.

This wine is stamped directly on the glass bottle as the name of the carved wine. The label is not a sticker, so it has a high-class finish.

After ordering, it will arrive at your home in about 14 business days. In addition, a service called “Anniversary Newspaper” is provided for the name sake on this site. On the day your parents get married, you can also get a newspaper from that time. On the day of your wedding anniversary, let's make the memory of your memories bloom.

Such sculpture wineA set of red wine and white wine "2 million 7,000 yen"Is offered at. There is no need to buy 3 books because they are priced within 2 10,000 yen, the price of wedding anniversary. Give your parents a wedding anniversary and give them a memorable 1 day.

Introducing 5 wine selections for parents who have celebrated their wedding anniversary [by price! ]

・ Couple chopsticks: A practical gift for everyday use!

Chopstick rest

Recommendation: ★★★★ ☆
Budget: 5,000 yen to 1 million

Couple chopsticks are practical items that can be used during meals. Chopsticks are used every day, but there are surprisingly few people who are particular about it. Also, because there is a consumable image, you feel that spending money is a waste.

However, high-quality chopsticks are particular about the material and ease of holding, and you can see the difference in feel when you hold it in your hand. Because chopsticks are not usually sticking,Give a pair of good chopsticks for your parents ’wedding anniversary occasion.

Couple chopsticks are often contained in paulownia boxes or cloths, and the material and shape differ depending on the type. Generally, there are many lacquered and square chopsticks. Inside,There are also octagonal chopsticks, which are said to be widespread and have good luck.Also, chopsticks are decorated with cherry blossoms and patterns, so choose the ones that your parents would like.

Many couples chopsticks are handmade by craftsmen, so you are worried about the budget. General couple chopsticks budget is5,000 yen to 1 10,000 yenis. If you use high-quality materials or take a lot of time, you will need a budget of tens of thousands of yen.

However, ordinary couple chopsticks can be purchased from around 5,000 to 1 10,000 yen, so it is easy to present them as a pair. What materials and shapes are suitable for parents? Please give the couple chopsticks after thinking.

-Pair glass: Anyway, practical and easy to use!


Recommendation: ★★★★ ☆
Budget: 5,000 yen to 1 million

Pair glass is a practical item that can be used in daily life, just like chopsticks. There are several types of cups that can be used in so-called pairs.

-Pair glass
-Pair mug
-Pair hot water only
-Pair Ochoko etc.

As you can see from the above, all can be used for meals and teatime. For example, a pair mug is recommended for parents who like coffee and tea, a pair of hot water only for drinking tea after a meal, and a pair of glasses or a pair of chopsticks for drinking.

This time, we will introduce a pair of glasses that can be used when enjoying sake. Speaking of pair glasses given on the anniversary,Baccarat glass and Edo Kiriko are familiaris. Both sell items for pairs and are suitable for wedding anniversaries.

However, these products are a little worrisome. If you prefer a little cheaper, you can buy a regular pair of glasses. Especially if it is not a brand-name product5,000 yen ~ 1 millionYou can purchase at Purchase regular glasses or wine glasses according to the alcohol you normally drink.

・ Pair watches: The point is to present them in different colors!

腕 時 計

Recommendation: ★★★★ ☆
Budget: 1 million to 3 10,000 yen

Pair watches are suitable for those who want a stylish present. If your parents are usually wearing watches, give them a wedding anniversary as a pair.

Watches have the impression that they will “tick the same time” and are perfect for couples.

If you give a pair watch,"No sense of pairing" is the pointis. If you give a watch with the exact same design and color, it's a little embarrassing when you go out with your parents. Therefore, in order to produce a sense of lack of a pair, please present a watch of different colors.

What is sold as a pair watch is often the size or color of the same watch. The difference in size is rather a pair watch for young people. On the other hand, the color difference seems to be difficult to understand with the same watch, so it is suitable for adults. In particular,The stronger the color contrast, such as black and white, is harder to see at a glance..

Such a pair watch budget is1 10,000 to 3 10,000 yenIt will be about. Even relatively famous watch brands can be purchased at this price range. However, this price range is only for non-luxury brands. High-end brand products cost around tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yen, so be careful with your budget.

・ Pair trip ticket: We are very happy with the time without the couple's water!


Recommendation: ★★★★ ☆
Budget: 3 million yen ~

If you want to leave memories without entering the couple,Pair travel ticketA present is suitable. Though far from practicality, paired travel tickets are a great gift.

Especially, it is a perfect gift for a big milestone such as a wedding anniversary for the first time after retirement or a 20th, 30th or 40th anniversary.

Even if you want to go on a trip, there are many people who can't go after all because they are busy with their daily life and are troublesome in preparation. Therefore, travel presents can also be an opportunity.

The travel voucher is a gift voucher type that can be freely selected at a fixed price. Also, a card type that allows you to freely set the amount range. Furthermore, there are types that can be selected in the form of catalog gifts.

Among these, I recommendCatalog gift type travel ticket.

Catalog gifts for a fixed amount such as 1 million, 3 million, 5 million, and 10 million are available. After presenting the gift, parents can freely select a travel destination from the catalog and enjoy the actual trip.

Gift certificate type and card type can be chosen freely, but it is difficult to choose if you are not used to traveling.

That point,The catalog gift type can be selected only from certain destinations, so it is easy to select those who do not go to travel very much..

Isn't it better to give a present after deciding the destination etc. with a surprise? Some people think that. But be careful with this.

Parents have different preferences, such as the places and dates they want to go to, the conditions of places they want to stay, how to spend time while traveling, and the means of transportation. Surprise is ant if all this is understood, but what if it's different?

Choose carefully so that your trip isn't different from your parents' wishes.

However, you should be aware of the travel ticket budget. It depends on what type of travel ticket you buy,About tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yenPlease keep in mind.

3. It is also recommended to add a bouquet

For wedding anniversary gifts to parents,Adding a bouquet to further enhance the gorgeousnessWould be good. A bouquet can be useful if you have a budget or if you are uncomfortable with a present.

If you tell them that the bouquet is a gift for your wedding anniversary, you can arrange the bouquet while choosing the appropriate one. When choosing your own, you should be aware of your parents' preferences and the language of the flowers.

Give flowers to your wedding anniversary parents! How to choose to be pleased and explanation of flower language

4. Give your parents a gift for your wedding anniversary!

Wine and glasses

Introduced pair gifts for parents who celebrated their wedding anniversary.

Pair presents should be chosen based on “practicality” and “no sense of pair”, and be aware of the market price of “5,000 yen to 3 10,000 yen”. Depending on the gift you plan to give, there are exceptions, but basically it is easy to choose based on the selection method and budget introduced in this article.

In addition, if you really get lost, choose from the recommended pair gift 5 selection. We ’ve written recommendations and budgets for all items so you can decide without hesitation.

Then, on the wonderful wedding anniversary of your parents, present a pair of items to make a lifelong memory.

Give a gift for your parents ’wedding anniversary! How to choose, budget and recommendations